Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List (Best Demon)

Here's the best Demon in our Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List.

Evil Dead The Game is finally here, and it does feel like a fan service with lots of details combined from the entire series. We have the Kandarian Dagger, Necronomicon, Eligos, Henrietta, Ash’s hand, and so on. The game tried to make the best of every other asymmetrical PVE game and made the best out of it. And Demons are a bit confusing for players to play now. So today we will help you to find the best Demon in our Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List.

Best Demon in Evil Dead Game

Best Demon in Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List

If you manage to keep your ‘Flautist’ survive, “Necromancer” is easily the best Demon to control the tide & win the match in Evil Dead The Game now. Here are other best Demons for your playstyle in Evil Dead Game:

  • If you are new, then choose “Warlord” Demon
    • This Demon focuses on the attacks of boss ‘Henrietta’
    • Very powerful boss to destroy Survivors easily
  • If you looking for more possession-based attacks, choose “Puppeteer”
    • This Demon will allow you to take & deal more damages with units you posses
  • Choose “Necromancer” to deal damages with your normal & elite units
    • But their main drawback is defenseless ‘Flautist’
    • If you manage to keep your ‘Flautist’ survive, “Necromancer” is easily the best Demon to control the tide in the game now

Best Demon in Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List

This list is based on the idea that you have already tried out all demons as we suggested above. So with that said here are the overall best Demons in our Evil Dead Game Demon Tier List:

Tiers Demons
S Tier Necromancer
A Tier Puppeteer
B Tier Warlord


Necromancer is the best Demon right in the game with portals that summon basic and elite Skeletons with long-ranged spears. With their main highlight, the Flautist around, all the units within range will deal increased damage to the survivors. The main drawback of this Demon is also Flautist, being defenseless and doesn’t move from the initial location. So most of your focus should be on keeping this Flautist alive while doing other tasks like setting up traps & portals. Currently, many players don’t know that you have to take the Flautist out first. Once it is known to all, Puppeteer will most likely take the top spot (unless there is a nerf or buff for any class in the future).


Elios is really good at what he does best, possessing other players. Just like in the lore, this Demon can control anyone to deal tons of damage and also stay alive longer than other demons. Their ability to explode on death and to duplicate is unique from other Demon types.


The main highlight of this Demon type is the boss Henrietta. Her attacks and bonus boosts are really easy to master for new players and destroy the Survivors. But now as many PVE players are familiar with her attacks, many have learned to dodge her attacks and even surround her out first in current matches.

That’s all for the best demons in our Evil Dead the Game Demon Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists & also our  Evil Dead Guides for more tips in the game.