Evil Dead Game Best Characters Tier List (All Survivors)

Here are the best Characters in our Evil Dead Game Demons Tier List.

Evil Dead: The Game is finally here with unique asymmetrical gameplay, which will keep you engaged for a long time. There are 13 Characters as of now to choose from. Everyone has their own pros and cons, and some players will prefer one character over another according to their playstyle. So today will look at all the best Evil Dead Game Best Characters Tier List.

Evil Dead Game Tier List (Best Characters or Survivors)

Evil Dead Game Tier List Best Characters or Survivors

This tier list is based on the characters’ playstyles after you fully upgrade their skill sets. These are our opinions. So some characters who were struggling to reach the end of a match now become very efficient in keeping their team alive according to our gameplay. So with that said, here’s our Evil Dead Game Best Characters Tier List:

Tiers Characters
S+ Tier Ash Williams (Army of Darkness)
S+ Tier Lord Arthur
S Tier Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead)
S Tier Amanda Fisher
A Tier Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)
A Tier Ash Williams (Evil Dead II)
A Tier Pablo Simon Bolivar
A Tier Henry the Red
B Tier Cheryl Williams
B Tier Kelly Maxwell
C Tier Scotty
C Tier Annie Knowby
C Tier Ed Getley

Let’s look at these characters’ abilities in a bit more detail with in-game descriptions.

Ash Williams (Army of Darkness) – Best Character in Evil Dead the Game

He had the chance to be king. Instead, this Ash is back from the middle ages to save the world from evil. Exceptionally resilient in combat, he can partially heal himself when he delivers heavy melee attacks. When his shield is depleted, it explodes, damaging nearby enemies, and his mastery of the chainsaw is legendary. If all else fails, he can drink the Wiseman’s mystical potion for some assistance.

Ash Williams (Ash vs. Evil Dead)

This Ash has been fighting Evil since the first movie, and with that comes his authority of experience. Nearby Survivors benefit from being able to deal more damage and are more resistant to fear. The effects of this aura are temporarily enhanced when Ash performs a finishing move or inflicts dismemberment. He starts every match with his trusty chainsaw, and his unique skill unleashes a blast that reduces the balance bar of nearby enemies.

Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

This fresh-faced Ash is always looking out for his crew. His active skill reduces the fear level of nearby Survivors and a portion of the damage caused by his heavy melee attacks always grants healing to nearby teammates. His headshots also mark their targets so the next Survivor to hit this enemy deals extra damage and receives some healing.

Ash Williams (Evil Dead II)

After losing the love of his life to the forces of darkness, this Ash soon found a new love: his Boomstick. He begins every match with it and can wield it more effectively than anyone else on the planet. His experience has granted him the ability to sense nearby supply crates through walls and unique skill, which allows him to expel the demon from any nearby human or Deadite.

Henry the Red

The Duke of Shale and Lord of the Northlands, Henry the Red is a robust warrior who feels most at home fighting on the front lines. He’s got increased health and shield capacity and an active ability that makes him temporarily invulnerable to damage. If that’s not tough enough, any enemy who dares strike him pays for its insolence with automatic damage in return.

Cheryl Williams

A specialist in the art of healing, Ash’s little sister Cheryl is able to reduce fear levels and restore some health to nearby Survivors whenever she drinks a Shemp’s Cola. She starts every match with a Shemp’s in her inventory and has an increased carrying capacity for them as well. She has a unique skill that allows her to create a healing zone that restores health to all, nearby Survivors over time.

Kelly Maxwell

An agile and ruthless Hunter, Kelly becomes more dangerous the longer she’s engaged in melee combat. Combine that with her mastery of the meat hammer and Deadites aren’t safe anywhere near her. Also a deft shot, Kelly has the ability to inflict bleeding damage from any ranged attack after she dodges. Her unique skills grant her the temporary ability to dodge without consuming stamina and inflict bleeding damage with all ranged attacks.


Whether it’s to crack a joke or kill a Deadite, Ash’s best friend, Scotty is always down! A master with a lumberjack ax, Scotty’s heavy melee attacks cause splash damage to surrounding enemies and his fear levels are reduced with each kill. He possesses a unique skill that can unleash a devastating blast that damages all enemies around him with a single thrust.

Annie Knowby

Daughter of Professor Raymond Knowby, Annie understands the Evil unleashed by the Necronomicon and she knows what’s required to defeat it. Her unique skill allows her to temporarily detect the location of objective items from a great distance. Other Survivors also deal increased ranged weapon and balance bar damage when in her presence.

Ed Getley

As a relic hunter, Associate Professor Ed Getley understands the importance of a flashlight. Ed’s flashlight batteries last longer and his active ability allows him to use a special flashlight to detects demonic traps and disarm them. Ed has a knack for finding higher quality weapons and his mere presence provides this advantage to all team members in a match. If that isn’t enough, the guy is also a crossbow master.

Pablo Simon Bolivar, Amanda Fisher, & Lord Arthur are characters you can easily unlock in the game by checking out our article here.

That’s all for the best Evil Dead Game Best Characters Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists & also our  Evil Dead Guides for more tips in the game.