Boats Disappearing In Valheim Fix

If your boats are disappearing in Valheim, there are a few reasons behind it. Check out all about it here.

Many players are facing an issue where their boats are disappearing and they are clueless about why this is happening. Of course, it’s natural to wonder where your boats have gone because the last time you checked, everything seemed to be fine. There are a few reasons why your boats have disappeared and this guide will cover all those points, so keep reading till the end to know how to fix the boats disappearing in Valheim issue.

Why are your Boats Disappearing in Valheim?

These are the reasons why your boats are disappearing in Valheim:

  • Enemy mobs attacked and destroyed it.
  • The boat was washed away by waves.
  • It could be a bug.

Since it’s a survival game, there are many dangers that you have to face in Valheim. If you leave your boat unattended for a long time or overnight, mobs can attack it and completely make it “vanish” by destroying it. This will happen more if you have parked it near your base. Enemies like Draugr, Deathsquitos, Greydwarfs, Necks or even Leeches can attack your boats, so beware. Deathsquitos can even attack the people on boats and can follow you like a persistent stalker. Additionally, Blobs can follow you and can jump into your boat and deal an AOE attack.

The other reason is that the the tide or storm washed away the boat. If you are lucky, you may find your boat floating in the middle of the sea whenever you venture out. Rocks can also damage the boat, if you have kept it near them because the boat will smash into those rocks. This will also happen if you have parked it in very shallow waters.

The last possible reason is that it’s a bug where your boat has simply vanished in thin air. No matter what the reason is, it’s surely annoying to not have your Raft, Karve or Longship at that time.

boats floating away or getting destroyed

How to Fix Problems of Boat Floating away or Getting Destroyed?

You can fix the issue by repairing your boat regularly and anchoring it properly. The place where you anchor your boat will matter. So remember to clear the rocks in the water to protect your boat. Some players have also built elaborate dockyards, while some choose to leave the boat in the deep water and swim to the shore to save it from being attacked. There are suggestions of keeping a lit fire near the boats to scare off the Greydwarves and building a stonewall around the harbor area.

As you can tell, there are lots of recommendations based on player’s experiences. You can try them all out to see what works for you. Note that when something destroys the boat, you will see a floating crate with the materials inside but you won’t get pelts and nails because they cannot be recovered in deep waters.

That’s all about the boat disappearing issue fix in Valheim. Speaking of boats, waters and dangers, check out our guides on how to find and kill sea serpents, how to sail against the wind, how to dive deep and how to find the Kraken.