How To Anchor Boat In Valheim

Want to prevent your boats from floating away? Try these methods to 'anchor' your boat in Valheim.

To explore lands farther away from your starting area, you have to make use of boats in Valheim. You start off with a Raft and eventually upgrade to a Karve and a Longship. If you are the owner of one and want to know how to anchor boat in Valheim, this guide will help you out.

Valheim: How To Anchor Boats

While anchoring boat is crucial, as of now there is no particular command that can help you do it easily. Maybe a proper command will be added in the updates or the launched game. But in the current version of the game, there is something you can do to ‘anchor’ or ‘moor’ it and that is by either backing it up and docking it slowly, beaching it or creating a construction around it. These are some ways to prevent your boat from floating away or ‘disappearing’ after you’ve come back from a resource hunting spree.

Keep in mind that the waves, if strong enough, will take the boat into the open sea when you have simply docked it. More so if there is a storm, and it will be quite a loss despite no monsters having attacked it. Having a boat float away is not something a Viking will like, hence, the better option as of now is to construct something around it.

Ideas to Moor Boats in Valheim

You can show off your creativity in this area. Some players have built docks with the help of Thatch Roof as shown in the image below. Some have constructed gates to prevent the boats from floating away. You can try something similar to avoid losing your boat.

how to dock boats valheim
Image credit: Quick Tips Youtube channel

Here’s what Redditor EnderFishy did:

valheim prevent boat from floating away

That’s currently all the information that is available about how to anchor boats in Valheim. Speaking of boats, when you venture out in the Ocean, you will come across Sea Monsters. There will be deadly Sea Serpents and also the Kraken. If you are curious to know how to kill Sea serpents, here’s a neat trick to use. Plus, check out how to find the Kraken and get Chitin from it.

There’s more in our Valheim wiki guide and you don’t want to miss out on some rare resources so check it right away.