All Sons Of The Forest Crafting Recipes & Ingredients List

Here are the crafting recipes for the craftable items to make in Sons of the Forest.

Knowing the Crafting recipes in Sons of the Forest will ensure that you plan out your exploration with careful preparation. Instead of finding them along the way, you can head over to the exact map locations and ensure your survival better. This guide has all the recipes that you are looking for. Be it for food, weapons, or items – anything you need and can be crafted/combined – is mentioned in the recipes list. If you are looking for a building recipes guide, we’ve got you covered as well.

Sons of the Forest Crafting Recipes List

sons of the forest crafting recipes ingredients items

These are all the crafting recipes in the early access version of the game. When the full game is released, more recipes may become available.

Crafted Item Material 1 Material 2 Material 3 Material 4 Material 5 Material 6
Bone Armor  Bone 4x  Rope  Duct Tape
Bow  Stick 2x  Rope  Duct Tape
Canned Food  Canned Food  Can   Opener
Cat Food  Cat Food  Can   Opener
Chainsaw  Chainsaw  Battery
Club  Stick  Rope  Skull
Energy Mix  Chicory  Arrowleaf
Energy Mix+  Chicory  Devil’s   Club  Fireweed
Flashlight  Flashlight  Battery
Health Mix  Yarrow  Aloe Vera
Health Mix+  Aloe Vera  Horsetail  Fireweed
Hide Armor  Hide 2x  Cloth
Leaf Armor  Leaves 10x  Cloth
Molotov  Vodka Bottle  Cloth
Repair Tool  Stick  Rope  Stone
Spear  Stick 2x  Utility   Knife  Duct Tape
Stone Arrow  Small Stone 4x  Stick 2x  Feather 2x
Tech Armor  Tech Mesh  Wire  Circuit   Board  Duct Tape  Battery
Time Bomb  C2 Brick  Watch  Wire  Duct Tape Coins 5x  Circuit   Board
Torch  Stick  Cloth
Zipline Rope  3d Printed Grappling Hook  Rope

While you can find some resources easily, you will have to hunt animals/birds and mutants to obtain some resources.

Along with the crafting recipes, we have also linked our separate guides to help you find the location of the item immediately. To know more about item spawn locations and to check out more informative articles, head over to our Sons of the Forest wiki guide on Gamer Tweak.