How To Get Feathers In Sons Of The Forest & Uses (With Video)

Here's how to find and collect feathers for crafting in Sons of the Forest.

Having weapons is a crucial part of your survival in the strange world of Sons of the Forest and if you prefer to attack from a distance, you will need arrows which require Feathers. Here’s how to get feathers in this game and how to use them for crafting weapons.

How to Get Feathers in Sons Of The Forest

how to get feather sons forest

  • As the name suggests, feathers can be obtained from birds but where do you find them? You can locate birds, specifically seagulls, at the beach. They aren’t hostile to you and will try to run off when you try to approach them.
  • So, use a spear and throw the weapon from a distance to kill birds and collect your feathers. You will see a projectile line to help you aim better.
  • Once done, approach the bird and press E. Feathers will fly off the bird and you have to interact with the feathers to collect them.
  • If a bird is unfortunate enough to be in melee distance from you, shove the spear to kill it and get the feathers.

How to Build a Bird House in Sons Of Forest

  • For a regular supply of feathers, build a birdhouse. You need 18 Sticks to make one.
  • Once you have gathered enough sticks, place it at your preferred location.

What to do with Feathers?

Feathers can be used for crafting arrows and the materials you need are:

  • 2 Feathers
  • 4 Small Rocks
  • 2 Sticks

While you can get feathers near the beach where seagulls are flying around, you can find small rocks and sticks all over the map on the ground. Visit the forest for sticks if required.

Here’s a video guide:

Now that you have arrows, you will need to know how to craft a bow. We’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest guides for more important resources and locations that you may have missed. For example, find out how to get the Rebreather, craft a Molotov CocktailCook and Eat foodget waterlog sled3D printer, and more.