How To Get The Log Sled In Sons Of The Forest

Here is how you can build your own Sled easily in Sons of the Forest!

While playing Sons of the Forest, you can easily collect logs so players are wondering if they can get a sled. While the game did change some things, you can still get this item pretty early on in the game. So here is what you should know about the log sled in Sons of the Forest and how to make and use the printed sled.

How to Get Log Sled in Sons of the Forest

how to get log sled in sons of the forest
Image Credit: Quick Tips on YouTube

You cannot get a log sled in Sons of the Forest. While you could make it easily by using 21 log sticks in The Forest. This game doesn’t seem to give the same results. But worry not you can still make a printed sled in this game, which is equally if not easier way for it. So here is what you can do for it.

How To Make Printed Sled in Sons of the Forest

You can make your own sled using the 3D printer in Sons of the Forest. The process is very straightforward (quite literally), all you need is the 3D Printer and 1000 ML of Pine Resin for it. Here is where you can find them both.

  1. Go to the glowing green mark on the map northeast of the beach. You should find another Cave entrance northeast of this location. There should be a river nearby. You can also use the other 3D Printer location in the game.
  2. Get to the location and go inside the gap to enter the underground cave.
  3. Upon entering here your phone will lose its connection.
  4. Keep going straight in this corridor and at the end will be a room.
  5. Here you can find a 3D Printer. Use the laptop beside to decide what you want to craft. Change it to Sled by pressing the R-key.
  6. You will notice the Sled requires 1000 ML of ink for making, while the machine only has 850 ML of ink.
  7. Don’t worry, on the left wall and behind the printer, you can find more ink on the shelves.
  8. Take it and then add it to the 3D Printer.
  9. Finally, Press E-key on the laptop to start making the Sled.
  10. Once it is over, grab it from the 3D printer and you will get the printed Sled.

How to Use the Sled

You can use the Sled by equipping it and pressing the left mouse button. Sleds can be used to slide down mountainsides or rivers. Unlike the Forest, where you could use log sleds for carrying items. The printed sled in this game only appears to let you ride on it and does not work like a bucket.

That covers this guide on how to get & use the sled in Sons of the Forest. You should also find our guides useful in this game for how to get a Shovel, and how to get water.