How To Get Shovel & Exit Cave In Sons Of The Forest (Map Location)

Here is where you can find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest.

The shovel is a very useful item that you should get in Sons of the forest. Since this is a survival game, it would have been incomplete had they not included this item. Getting it can take you quite some time if you go around exploring randomly. So here is a quick guide to the location where you can find the Shovel in Sons of the Forest (SotF) and how to dig with it.

How to Get the Shovel in Sons of the Forest

how to get shovel in sons of the forest
Image Credit: Serroh on YouTube

You can find Shovel inside the cave near the center of the map in this game. You should also carry the zipline gun and the Rebreather before you go to this location. Lastly, try carrying a powerful melee weapon and something like a grenade that can take out multiple enemies at once. There will be many enemies in the cave that you need to fight. So here is its exact location:

  1. Go to the cave entrance south of the big snowy region. It is closer to the center section of the map and north of the beach.
  2. Outside the cave, you can find three characters impaled on wooden spikes.
  3. Go inside the cave and use the Zipline gun to reach the other side.
  4. On the other side, enter the water and dive to submerge yourself in.
  5. Keep going straight, that is the natural path.
  6. After you resurface defeat the enemies you find on top.
  7. Collect any loot you come across.
  8. Next, you’ll slide down the path and be back in the water.
  9. Swim right and go to the source of light.
  10. Keep progressing and you will eventually find a dead worker in an orange suit. You can take the shovel from them.

You should check out our video below for it.

How to Exit the Shovel Cave

  1. After finding it, turn back and backtrack the way you came here.
  2. Jump down the water and come up on the other side.
  3. Keep going straight, until a Sluggy throws a boulder in your direction.
  4. Turn towards it and throw a timer bomb at it and it will eliminate the Sluggy in one attack.
  5. Now, go here and you will exit the cave.

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How to Use Shovel & Dig Graves

how to use shovel in sons of the forest
Image Credit: Serroh on YouTube

You can use the Shovel to Dig in Sons of the Forest. The process is pretty easy, simply equip the Shovel. Then point at the ground and press the E-key on your keyboard. You even get a white shovel icon on the ground, indicating you should dig that area. There is a chance you can even find loot items by digging up graves.

That covers this guide on how to Get Shovel and use it to Dig in Sons of the Forest. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest section.