Sons Of The Forest Katana: How To Get (Location)

Looking for a lightening sleek weapon? Here's where you can find the Sons of the Forest Katana location.

Similar to its predecessor, you can slay your enemies with the iconic Katana in Sons of the Forest. Although there are several popular and lethal weapons you can go for, none of them compares to the wrath of Katana. You can craft several weapons by using the crafting resources and ingredients. But while getting Katana is more straightforward, it might not be a relatively easy task. This iconic sword is one of the few weapons that is located at a specific location scattered around the open world. So, you might need some help finding its exact location. Not to worry, here’s where you can find the exact Sons of the Forest Katana location.

Katana Location in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest katana location

You can find the Katana to the extreme south-eastern GPS point of interest over the snowy mountains. But before you head to the location, make sure you have Maintainance or Blue Keycard. You can find the Katana inside the Room that you can enter through the Caves. You can refer to the above image for the exact location of the entrance of the Caves.

Once you have reached the Cave entrance, follow the below steps to get to Katana in Sons of the Forest:

  • Hit the E key button to scoop inside the narrow passage of the Caves.
  • You can turn on the Torch or Flashlight to make your way down.
  • You will find a Door to the lowest level on your right that will require a Keycard.
  • Hit the E key to use the key card and unlock the security door.
  • From there, head right and climb down the stairs to find an unlocked door. Not to spoil, you will trigger a cutscene related to the storyline of the game.
  • Then, head straight and cross the door with a small green “emergency door sign” above it.
  • Keep on passing through the corridors straight until you find stairs to head to the lower levels.
  • You have to climb down and enter the level 2 Room where you will find more corridors to walk through.
  • Walk straight and take a right once you have passed through the first corridor.
  • Lastly, head inside the room to find the Katana between two comfy couches.

sons of the forest katana location

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