How To Make Planks For Your Base In Sons Of The Forest

Here is a guide on how to make planks from wood to make bases in Sons of the Forest.

If you want to survive for a long time in Sons of the Forest, you are going to need to make a base and for that, you will need Planks. The game is not very clear on how exactly you can get those Planks. But that is typical of a survival type of game. Even in a real-life situation, you wouldn’t have anyone telling you how to survive and make yourself a base. Let’s take a look at how you can make planks so you can start making your base.

How to Craft Planks to make Base in Sons of the Forest

make planks sons of the forest

There is only one tool you need for the whole process of acquiring Planks in Sons of the Forest, your Axe. The trusty and reliable Axe is the default tool you get soon after the crash happens from your Emergency Package.

Open your inventory and quip your Axe first. Then, go ahead and chop down some trees around you. Make sure you chop down the sizeable ones, the smaller ones will only drop sticks and won’t be useful to make Planks. Once you chop a tree down, you will see logs on the ground as lumber.

With the lumber on the ground, you need to line yourself up so that you can make a straight cut lengthwise. There will be a UI element of red lines going across the lumber as shown in the picture above, this will create Planks. This is a good feature for a better understanding of what you’re doing in Sons of the Forest.

Now, Press the left mouse button, this will make it so you chop the lumber into two halves. Each of these two halves is a Plank. Make sure when you do this, you are cutting it the long way i.e lengthwise. If you cut it in a short way by its width then it won’t work.

That is all you need to know on how to make planks in the sons of the forest. For more guides like this, check out our other guides like how to find a Flashlight and how to build a gate in Sons of the Forest.