How To Find The Flashlight Location In Sons Of The Forest

Find valuable resources in Dark Caves with the Flashlight in Sons of the Forest.

If you want to explore the dark caves or the forest at night, then you must find the flashlight in the Sons Of The Forest. This game boasts a plethora of resources that you will need to survive and explore. Since you’ll be in a forest swarming with man-eating mutants, it’s crucial you have means to look for threats in the dark. A torch is a primal tool but a Flashlight is much better and this guide will help you find it.

Where to Find the Flashlight in Sons Of The Forest

Flashlight location in Sons of the Forest
Image Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

The Flashlight location is close to the crash site where your helicopter goes down in the Sons of The Forest. To find the flashlight, go Southeast from the helicopter crash site into the forest. Open your GPS map and look for a Purple Exclamation icon closest to the crash site. The stream of water will help you reach this location.

On the way, you’ll find a water body with three bodies on stakes. Close to this water body, you’ll find a cliff with a body hanging by a rope. Go around the cliff and you’ll find a sloping path. Take that path to climb the cliff. Once you reach the rock from which the body is hanging, use an axe or a knife to cut the rope. Make sure you collect all the valuable resources by the rock. Then, make your way back down and loot the body to get the flashlight.

How to Use the Flashlight

To use the flashlight, press ‘I’ to open your inventory. Select the flashlight and close the inventory. Then, you can press ‘L’ to switch it On and Off. Since it runs on batteries, you should stock up on them. The batteries drain out while using the flashlight so make sure you use it when necessary.

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