Sons of the Forest Can Opener Location (Open Canned Food)

Found a tin of canned food but nothing to open it with? This is where you can find the can opener.

How to get the Can Opener in Sons of the Forest and open canned food? This guide will show you the way. As your main job in this game is to survive the strange world, you will get hungry and tired often. To combat hunger, you will need a can opener to open canned food and regain some of your stamina and energy.

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Sons of the Forest Can Opener Location

Players can get a can opener at the beach, along with other washed-up items, or near the frozen lake in the snowy mountainous area. Explore the area and you will find one near some rocks. If you are located in the snowy region, track a river on your map and follow it until you reach a frozen lake. When you see a can opener, quickly grab it because it will come in handy later.

How to Open Canned Food

  • As soon as you pick up the Can Opener, you will see it in your inventory – open it up by pressing I on your keyboard. You will see all the items you have collected till now.

can opener sons forest canned food

  • Right-click on the canned food to place it in the center.
  • Right-click on the can opener.

how to open canned food tin sons of the forest

  • You will see a gear icon show up on the grey mat. Right-click on it.
  • After this, you will see the can opening animation and the food will be out on the mat. Click on it to eat it. (Yes, it can be cat food, and you can consume it because it’s a matter of life and death.)

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