Where To Get Skulls In Sons Of The Forest

Unable to get a few Skulls in Sons of the Forest? Here's the location at which you can find them.

Are you looking to get some Skulls in Sons of the Forest? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. While surviving in the woods, each and every item that you can collect is useful. Likewise, having a Skull will also prove to be beneficial in some or other ways. However, like most of the other items, a Skull is not readily available to you. So, what can you do to get your hands on this tool? Here’s everything you should know.

Sons of the Forest Skulls Location

Speaking frankly, Skulls are scattered all across the island. It can be found above the surface & even under the ground inside the caverns. Since the map is pretty huge, you may find it really difficult to look at any one certain location.

Each item including Skulls in Sons of the Forest has a hotspot where it is found in abundance. To be precise, you can find the Skulls adequately inside a cave that is located on the western side of the map.

Sons of the Forest Skulls Location

Once you reach this location, head inside the cave by passing through the gap between thin walls. Make sure you have a torch with you as the cave will be dark from the inside.

Another way to obtain Skulls in Sons of the Forest is by taking them from a corpse and burning it. Simply remove the head from the body with the help of an axe. Further, you can light it up to convert it into a Skull. You can then equip it to scare off the C*nnibals. Also, you can use it to make Skull Lamps or for other decorative purposes.

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That covers everything on how to get the Skull in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Sons of the Forest Guides on Gamer Tweaks.