Sons Of The Forest: How To Find Devil’s Club

Let's look at how to find Devil's Club in Sons Of The Forest.

Sons of the Forest is all about survival. Players are thrown head-first into the dense forest of a remote island and must fight the odds to survive. The island is your best ally as you hunt and scavenge for food and items that are essential to keeping you alive. Crafting your own weapons and items is a key part of the game. But many players seem to be having a tough time locating Devil’s Club to brew potions. Here’s a quick guide on how to find Devil’s Club in Sons of The Forest.

How to Find Devil’s Club in Sons of the Forest

how to find devils club in sons of the forest
Devil’s Club is a plant that can be found in various parts of the island. While there is no one exact location, the plant can be found close to rivers and lakes. If you still have trouble locating Devil’s Club you can check out these two specific locations for a better spawn rate.

  • Make your way to the west of the Snowy Mountains to the lake with 4 rivers. Devil’s Club can be found on the banks of these four rivers.
  • Head to the east of the Snowy Mountains toward the opening of the river. Devil’s Club will be located along the path of the river towards the sea.

Just like any other plants and herbs in the game, you’ll have to consume Devil’s Club to permanently identify the plant. Do not consume the plant after this process as it is poisonous and will damage your health. The main purpose of Devil’s Club is to craft Energy Mix and Energy Mix+. These can be used to restore your energy, very handy in a fight or emergency.

That’s all you need to know on how to find Devil’s Club in the game. Check out our Sons of the Forest Wiki for more guides like these here on Gamer Tweak.