How To Get And Use The Chainsaw In Son Of The Forest (Location)

Add some style to your inventory with the Chainsaw in Sons of The Forest.

The island in Sons of The forest is full of secrets. On crash landing, you must use every advantage you can to help you survive the wilderness. While crafting and looting are necessary for your well-being, when the mutants show up your weapon is your only friend (and Kelivn if he’s still alive). The game’s most fun weapon is the chainsaw and here’s a quick guide on its location and help you get it in Sons of The Forest.

Chainsaw location in Sons of The Forest

how to get and use the chainsaw in sons of the forest
The Chainsaw can be found in the same cave as the 3D printer. If you need to know where that is check out our 3D printer guide. But the room to the chainsaw will be locked off at the start of the game. As you progress through the story of the island and its mysteries you’ll acquire the three keycards. These keycards unlock passages and corridors that will reveal the island’s true nature. Check out our guide on All Keycard locations if you haven’t found them yet. You’ll need the Maintenance and VIP Keycards to progress toward the weapon.

Once you have both the keycards, make your way to the 3D Printer cave. Go down the corridor on the left of the Printer room. Walk all the way down to the locked door and use the Maintenance Key to open it. Make your way through the facility and go up the stairs. There should be a locked door to the right of the room, use the VIP Keycard to open it.

Walk down the hallway towards the movie theater room. The chainsaw will be near a dead tourist placed amongst the yellow chairs. Keep in mind that this whole facility is crawling with mutants so we suggest going in with your best weapons.
The Chainsaw can be used on all enemy types but it’s primarily used to cut down trees at a faster rate. It runs on batteries which are a scarce crafting item so we recommend using it sparingly.

That’s all you need to find and use the Chainsaw in Sons of The Forest. Check out How to get the guitar and other such guides on Sons of the Forst here on Gamer Tweak.