How To Get The Guitar In Sons Of The Forest? (Location)

Check out this guide to know how to get the Guitar in Sons of the Forest.

Apart from all the melee weapons in Sons of the Forest, a Guitar is something you don’t want to miss. One swing of the Guitar is more than enough to smash the jaws of your enemies lurking in the woods. However, like many other weapons, it is not readily available to you. So, what can you do to get your hands on the Guitar? Here’s everything you should know.

Sons of the Forest Guitar Location

Sons of the Forest Guitar Location
Image Source – Map Genie

Similar to most other items, a Guitar can be found inside a Bunker as well. To be precise, you can find this Bunker to the west of the map. For your reference, we have marked the location on the image above. Before entering the bunker, make sure that you have a Maintenance Keycard. If not, here is a guide that features the location of the Maintenance Keycard.

Since there are lots of turns, here are the directions to get the Guitar in Sons of the Forest:

  • Enter the bunker by passing through the thin gap between the walls.
  • Walk through the passage and take a left turn just before the door at the end.
  • Further, keep moving toward the bright wide light at the end of the passage.
Sons of the Forest Guitar Location
Image Source – ZaFrostPet (YouTube)
  • Once you reach there, use the gap on the right side to enter the room.
  • Now, use the Maintenance Keycard to exit the door on the right side.
  • From there, walk forward and take a left from the Gym (area with purple lighting).

Sons of the Forest Guitar Location

  • Exit this area using the small gate behind the Reception Desk to the right side.
  • After that, use the stairs on the left side to reach the floor above.


  • Use the Gate to enter the Bar area on the other side of the pool.
  • Right there on the Bar table, you will find the Guitar.

How to Play the Guitar in SOTF

Unfortunately, you can not play the Guitar in Sons of the Forest. The only time our character plays the Guitar is while equipping it for the first time. So the only way to use a Guitar is by smashing it on an enemy’s face. Hopefully, the devs will add a feature to play the Guitar later in Sons of the Forest.

That covers everything about the Guitar in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure to check out our Sons of the Forest Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.