Sons Of The Forest Keycard Locations: Maintenance, VIP, & Guest

Unable to complete the game? Check out our guide to find out all Sons of the Forest Keycard locations.

The sequel to Endnight’s survival-horror videogame, Sons of the Forest is finally out and got players all worked up. If you are looking to speed-run or complete this game, you must find all the hidden keycards. These keycards are crucial to getting to the multiple endings. But finding these keycard locations can be a tricky part due to the hordes of mutants you will be facing against. Not to worry, check out our guide to find out all Sons of the Forest keycard locations.

Sons of the Forest Keycard Locations – Where to Find Them All

sons of the forest keycard

There are three keycards scattered around the map that you can track and find with the GPS tracker. These keycards are marked by the circular green icons to the northwest of the map. But before you head into these locations, note to gather important tools such as Shovel and torch. So, here are all three keycards you need to find:

  • Maintenance Keycard Location
  • VIP Keycard Location
  • Guest Keyacard Location

Now, let’s delve into the exact location of every keycard in Sons of the Forest:

Maintenance Keycard Location

maintenance key location
Image Source – WoW Quests on YouTube.

This keycard is located to the northeast of the map which can take you some time to access.

Follow the below steps to get to the Maintenace Keycard:

  • Once you reach the location by navigating through the map, you will find a site to dig out.
  • Use your shovel and keep on digging until you find a Hatch to interact.
  • As you interact with the hatch, you will find an entrance to the inland “Maintenace A” bunker.
  • Then, climb down the stairs and head straight through the narrow corridor.
  • You will find an unlocked room to the right of the corridor as you keep on walking.
  • Enter the Room to find the Maintenace keycard on the wooden desk beside a Laptop.

VIP Keycard Location in Sons of the Forest

You can find the VIP Keycard to the northwest of the map within a cave in Food & Dining Bunker. But for that, you will have to endure a short trek and some swimming.

So, follow the below steps to get to VIP keycard:

  • As you reach the location, scoop inside the narrow passage of the Cave’s entrance.
  • Use a Torch or Flashlight and keep on heading down until you find an unlocked Hatch.
  • Then, climb down and head right to find a locked door.
  • You can use the Maintenace keycard to enter the room and continue walking straight through Labs.
  • You will notice some stairs at the end of the corridor leading you down.
  • Now, you have to swim through the corridors to the left of the swamped Labs.
  • When you enter a room with the “emergency exit icon“, take a right from there.
  • Then, take a left and again, a left through the end of the room. You will find stairs leading upwards towards the Security room.
  • Finally, pick up the VIP keycard beside the four monitors on the Desk.

Note that you can also pick up the Shotgun Rails on the shelves to the right of the room.

sons of the forest keycard locations

Guest Keycard Location

The Guest keycard is located on the southernmost of the map in Sons of the Forest. If you are heading to this keycard’s location from the VIP keycard, it is located to the southwest of the map.

Follow the below steps:

  • You will notice a small cave entrance surrounded by the rock formation once you reach the location.
  • Interact and scoop your way inside the Cave through rubbles and rocks.
  • As you come across a corridor by walking straight, head left and take a right to encounter a locked door.
  • You can unlock this door with the VIP keycard.
  • Then, head left from the Gym area and enter through the glass door. Take the stairs and head straight into the Bar area.
  • From there, you will find the Guest keycard laying on the circular glass table.
  • You will also find some dead people around the couch and a corpse beside the keycard.
  • Hit the E key button to pick the Guest keycard.

sons of the forest keycard locations

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