Golden Armor Location In Sons Of The Forest

Check out the Golden Armor location in Sons of the Forest to open the Arm Door.

Are you looking for the Golden Armor location in Sons of the Forest? If that’s the case then look no further as this guide will cover all you need. In this survival horror game, you will be stranded on an island with little to no resources. The horror part is that the island is swarming with maneater mutants. To stand a chance against them, you’ll need the best gear and armor that you can get. Apart from protection, you’ll also need this armor to open an Arm Door and we will tell you how to get it.

Where to Find the Golden Armor in Sons Of The Forest

Golden Armor location in SoTF

The Golden Armor is located in a bunker by the lake southeast of the snowy mountains. The exact location is marked on the map above. In this bunker, you’ll find the Golden Armor on a couch on Level 2 of the underground area in the fourth and final room.

Coming back to the bunker, you’ll need a maintenance key. Once you get this key, head over to this bunker location and look for a small cave entrance. It’ll be marked on the GPS tracker as a green beacon. Once you enter the cave, head down till you find a locked door. Use the maintenance card to enter and head down till you find an unlocked door.

Once you enter this door, a small cutscene will play if you are new to this area. Then, enter the door behind the blob of flesh. If the blob is still blocking the entrance then come back after a while. Once the blob is out of the way, go through the corridors and head to the lower levels. Keep an eye on the wall by the entrances to the levels as you have to enter the second one. Take the entrance marked as Level 2 and walk straight through the corridors.

Find Golden Armor on Level 2
Image Source: WoW Quests on Youtube

Look at the corridors to the right and enter the one with a gooey liquid on the floor. Go further and look for a couch with blue pillows. You’ll find this armor sitting on that couch.

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That’s everything from us on where to get the Golden Armor in Sons Of The Forest. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more in our SoTF section.