How To Get Stun Gun In Sons Of The Forest

Here's a quick guide on how to get the Stun Gun in Sons of The Forest.

Stranded on a remote island full of danger and mystery, players of the Sons of Forest are left to fend for themselves. Survival in the Forest is only possible if you learn to adapt and take charge of the situation. Hunting, crafting, and scavenging are your best options but weapons are your true friend in the face of danger. Here’s how you can get your hands on the Stun Gun in Sons of The Forest.

How to get the Stun Gun in Sons of The Forest

how to get stun gun in sons of the forest
Like most items in the game, the Stun Gun hides in the catacombs of the island’s many caves. This particular cave is located in the north of the island on the river delta. The entrance to the cave will be blocked by some planks of wood, break these down with your hatchet to enter.

The cave has no natural light so we suggest equipping yourself with any light source you have up till this point. Mutants are known to roam in these caves so carry any other weapon you have on you just in case. After exploring the cave for a few minutes you should come across the Stun Gun hanging off the cave walls next to its unfortunate owner.

The Stun gun can be used to stop any enemy in their tracks, stunning them. This leaves them open to a melee attack for 5-8 seconds, resulting in a quick and easy kill. The downside of the Stun Gun is that it is a one-shot gun. That means you’ll have to reload the gun after each shot. The Ammo can be found in crates scatted over the island like other ammo types. The Gun is thus a great starter weapon that can also be useful in clutch situations. If you’re looking for something that packs more of a punch, check out our guide on how to get the Shotgun.

And that’s how you can get the Stun Gun in Sons of The Forest. Check out how to trade items and other Sons of The Forest guides here on Gamer Tweak.