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How To Find The Shotgun In Sons Of The Forest

Looking for something that packs an extra punch? Here's how you can get your hands on the Shotgun in Sons of The Forest.

Sons of The Forest puts you on a remote island where you use all your skills and instincts to help you survive the island’s man-eating inhabitants. The game offers its players a multitude of survival gear and items to find scattered all over the forest. But building your own fire might not be enough when the beasts rear their head and so the game has a varied list of weapons to find and equip. One such weapon is the Shotgun and here is a guide on how you can get your hands on it in Sons of The Forest.

How to find the Shotgun in Sons of The Forest

How to find the shotgun in sons of the forest

The Shotgun is the game’s most powerful weapon. As there is only a limited amount of ammo for the gun, players tend to use it for only dire situations. To get the Shotgun you’ll first need to acquire the shovel.

How to find the Shovel

  • The Shovel lies in a cave located on the left of the snowy mountain range. But accessing this cave will require two other specialized items- The Rope Gun and Rebreather.
  • The Rope Gun can be found in a cave to the right of the crash side. The Rebreather is located in a remote cave at the top-left of the island on a river delta. Once you find these two items make your way to the cave. You’ll have to use the Rope Gun to cross the first crevasse and the rebreather to swim underwater to make it through the narrow passageways to find the Shovel. Note that all these caves are filled with mutants and we recommend going in prepared. Check this guide on How to get the Shovel for more detail.

Now that you have the Shovel use the GPS to travel to the purple indicator on the map. The Shotgun is buried in a shallow grave marked by a cross. Use your Shovel to dig out the Shotgun and GPS indicator buried with it.

That’s all you need to know on how to find the Shotgun in Sons of the Forest. Check out our Sons of The Forest section for more on the game here at Gamer Tweak.