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Sons Of The Forest Crossbow Location & How To Get Bolts

Here's where to find the Crossbow in Sons Of The Forest.

For your survival in this terrifying world, you will need food, water, and weapons. And if you’re looking for the location of the Crossbow in Sons of the Forest to attack enemies, this guide will help you out. While you can use the bow you have crafted, if you want to switch things up a bit, you can go for this weapon. Find out if you can craft it or if you have to find it somewhere.

Sons of the Forest Crossbow Location

  • You will have to play the game and complete other tasks before you can find your crossbow. Get the rebreather, rope gun, shovel and then you will be on your way to find a Maintenance Keycard.
  • As soon as you find the keycard, you will be able to access the room containing the crossbow. Thankfully, map genie has an interactive map you can use to navigate and get keycard locations easily.
keycard locations sons of forest
Keycard locations
  • Once you have the keycard, your next task is to visit the Hydroponic lab.
  • Open up your map and visit the location shown here.
crossbow bunker lab location sons of the forest
Sons of the Forest Crossbow location marked on the map
  • As soon as you reach there, head inside the narrow tunnel and use the ladder to go down. Ensure that you have a source of light with you because it gets dark in there.
  • Now enter the room on the right by scanning the keycard.
  • Explore the room and there should be a dead body with a crossbow on it. Pick it up.
  • Open your inventory and equip the crossbow.

Where to Find Crossbow Bolts?

cave bunker entrance

You will need ammo for your crossbow and you can find them in caves or there’s a chance ammo cases may also have them. So be sure to explore every box or container you see. Head to a bunker via a cave (you can see that there’s a gap between rocks for entrance).

crossbow bolts

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