How To Make And Light A Torch In Sons Of The Forest

Light your way in Sons of The Forest by making your own torch.

Fans of the horror-survival genre of games can rejoice now that Sons of The Forest is finally out. This sequel to the much-loved The Forest puts you on a remote island full of secrets and peril around every turn. Exploring the winding caves and looking for life-saving equipment is a core mechanic of the game. These caves are almost pitch black and full of dangerous mutants. The best way to survive these caves is by crafting your own light. Here’s how you can make your own torch in Sons of The Forest.

How to make and light a Torch in Sons of The Forest

How to make a torch in sons of the forest

A torch is one of the handiest tools you can craft for yourself in Sons of The Forest. A torch can be crafted by using these items

Sticks can be found all over the island. Collecting as much as you can carry is a great idea as they are the primary item in a lot of other equipment. Cloth is a rare item in the game that can take a while to collect. Crates and caves are great places to look for cloth. Once you have the required materials, open your survival kit and place the items in the crafting area. Combine them to make yourself a torch. Light the torch with your lighter and illuminate the darkness.

Crafting a torch is just a small part of surviving the island. Your best strategy is to explore as many of the caves marked on your GPS as you can. These caves are not just home to special items like the Shovel or the Rebreather, they are also great places to loot ammo, cloth, and other valuable equipment.

That covers how you can make a torch in Sons Of The Forest. Check out How to find the rope gun or How to make a basic fire in Sons of The Forest for more guides on the game.