How To Get & Use Wire In Sons Of The Forest

Here's all you need on how to get and use Wire in Sons of the Forest.

Are you wondering how to get and use Wire in Sons of the Forest? Although there is not an abundant supply, this guide is all you will need to get it from the location. Like most items of importance in the game, you can find this in one of the bunkers. The entrances to bunkers are located throughout the map but you wouldn’t know which one gets you closer to the wire. Since many important items are craftable, sooner or later a player will have to look for a wire. Fortunately, this guide will pinpoint the exact location of the cave entrance where you can find the wire. So if you want to get it, keep reading below.

How to Get Wire in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest Wire Location
Image Source – Stonely (YouTube)

The cave entrance to the bunker where you can find the Wire lies in the western part of the map. It is close to the southern bank of the river that flows from the mountains and heads down towards to sea. You can find the wire once you head inside this bunker in Sons of the Forest.

Thanks to MapGenie, you can see the exact location marked on the map where the cave entrance is close by. There are a plethora of items that you can find in this bunker including the Track Suit.

How to Use Wire

As we mentioned above, Wire is used as a crafting ingredient in a few important items. But the two important ones that players will look forward to are mentioned below. With the wire, you can craft these items in the game:

  • Tech Armor
    • Tech Mesh x1
    • Wire x1
    • Circuit Board x1
    • Duct Tape x1
    • Batteries x1
  • Time Bomb
    • C4 Brick x1
    • Watch x1
    • Wire x1
    • Duct Tape x1
    • Coins x5
    • Circuit Board x1

There you have it, how to get Wire and use it in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure you check out our other Sons of the Forest guides right here at Gamer Tweak.