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Sons Of The Forest Building Recipe List (Guide Book)

Want to track crafting ingredients? Check out the Sons of the Forest building recipe list.

Similar to its predecessor, it’s crucial to craft and build different structures for your survival in Sons of the Forest. As you will keep on traversing the map, you will have to make various kinds of buildings and structures. In most cases, these structures can keep you secure from large hordes of mutants and other monstrosities. Since not many gameplay mechanics are much explained, several players are looking for different building recipes. Not to worry, check out the complete Sons of the Forest Building recipe list.

All Building Recipes in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest building recipe list

Fortunately, you can find the building recipes for every structure within the Guide Book. You can access and use the Guide Book early in the game by pressing B key button. As there are several categories of buildings and structures, you can press the X key button to switch between them. Nevertheless, we have compiled each building or structure with its recipes and crafting materials from the Guide Book.

So, here is the list of all Building Recipes in Sons of the Forest:

Building / Structure Name Recipe (Crafting ingredients & resources)
Tent 1 Tarp, 2 Sticks
Basic Fire Break 1 Stick & Light on Fire
Reinforced Fire Basic Fire with Rocks around
Standing Fire Multiple Sticks wrapped with Cloth
Skull Lamp Stick, Cloth, & Skull
Fire Wood Collect Wooden logs & chop them with Axe
Stick Structures Place the Stick into the Ground and add a Skull
Reinforced Stick Structures Stick structures with rocks around
Fence Place two vertical and horizontal sticks next to each other
Floor Place logs on the ground in a square shape and add more logs inside them
Wall Place logs horizontally on the border of the floor
Door Make a Wall and leave some space in the middle for placing logs vertically
Window Remove logs in the Wall anywhere  to make a Window
Single Step Build a Floor & place half a wooden log beside it
Stairs & Ramp Make an Arch with two diagonal beams. And use half-logs as Steps
Small Animal Trap 14 Sticks
Hunting Shelter 5 logs, 6 sticks, & 7 rocks
Small Log Cabin 75 Wooden logs
Tree Shelter 1 70 logs, 1 rope
Tree Shelter 2 96 logs
Tree Platform 1 7 logs, 1 rope
Tree Platform 2 35 logs, 1 rope
Lean To 53 Logs
Look out Tower 60 Logs, 1 rope
Bone Maker Traps 2 Sticks, 3 rocks, 3 leaves, 1 rope, & 1 vodka bottle
Fly Swatter Trap 10 Sticks, 3 rocks, & 1 rope
Standing Planter 18 Sticks
Wall Planter 16 Sticks
Bird House 18 Sticks
Scarecrow 14 Sticks, 4 Duct Tapes
Rock Path Gather Rocks & place them on the ground
Stick Path Gather Sticks & place them on the ground
Shelf 2 Logs
Wall Shelf 2 Sticks, 1 Log
Drying Rack 13 Sticks
Mannequin 20 Sticks, 5 Duct Tapes
Log Storage 8 Sticks
Bone Storage 7 Sticks
Stick Storage 6 Sticks
Rock Storage 7 Sticks
Bench 2 Logs
Table 3 Logs
Wall Torch 1 Cloth, 1 Stick
Ceiling Skull Lamp 1 Skull, 1 Rope
Bone Chair 15 Bones, 1 Skull
Bone Chandelier 19 Bones, 9 Skulls
Stick Bed 16 Sticks, 1 Duct Tape
Stick Chairs 14 Sticks

While all the building recipes are mentioned above, there can be some recipes that can be a bit complex to understand. You can check out our guide on how to build a roof without a center beam for more insight. Also, check out our guide on how to build a defensive wall.

How to Make Struts

Follow the below steps:

  • Firstly, chop the logs into smaller bits and place them on the ground vertically.
  • Then, chop more logs and place three smaller logs horizontally on them.
  • Now, place two smaller logs at each end of the vertical beams.
  • Remove the two vertical beams from the middle to build a Strut.

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