How To Defend Your Base In Sons Of The Forest (Defensive Wall)

Here is the wall that will help you defend your base better in Sons of the Forest.

Knowing how to defend your base is a must in Sons of the Forest. A base is important for keeping yourself safe, especially at night. Not only is setting it up a tough job but after a session of exploration, going back and seeing it all gone or half destroyed is not a good feeling. So here is how you can set up a defensive wall in Sons of the Forest.

How to Defend your Base in Sons of the Forest

how to build a spiked defensive wall in sons of the forest

To defend your base, you should build a boundary of spiked wall around of your base. This spiked wall acts as a defensive wall. There is a catch though, you shouldn’t simply line up spiked walls in front of your base completely. While you could do that, if you cover it from all 4 sides you will have a hard time getting to your base as you can’t jump over spiked walls. So here is what is a workaround for it.

How to Build a Defensive Wall

  1. Gather plenty of logs. I suggest you also take Kelvin’s help to speed things up.
  2. Next, make a boundary around your base using these logs, then chop their tops to add spikes to them.
  3. Make sure you leave a space of at least 2 logs. This will allow you to enter or exit your base.
  4. Now, place 4 logs in front of this space to cover this to defend your base in sons of the forest
  5. Add spikes to them as well.
  6. Now each time you have to enter or exit your base, simply remove the front 2 logs from here. And place them again before you go or after entering.

The reason you need these 4 logs separately is for one major reason. During our playthrough, we couldn’t place the logs in their original place for the boundary. This could be a bug that might get resolved in the future. So this extension of the boundary works as a makeshift door.

And the reason you don’t want to add doors here is that mutants can pass through them. This would negate the entire purpose of setting up a defensive wall.

That covers this guide on how to defend your base in Sons of the Forest by making a Defensive wall. For more helps on other topics for this game be sure to check out our Sons of the Forest section.