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Sons Of The Forest: How To Open And Use The Guide Book

Here's a quick look at how to use the Guide Book in Sons of The Forest.

The latest entry in the survival-horror genre, Sons of the Forest is just too much fun. The game puts you on a remote island where you much fend for yourself against man-eating locals. To survive you must build yourself shelter to keep yourself safe. Luckily the game provides an instruction manual for this very need. Here’s a quick look at how you can open and use the Guide Book in Sons of the Forest.

How to Open and Use the Guide Book in Sons of The Forest

how to open and use the guide book in sons of the forest
The Guide Book is the game’s most important item. On starting the game you’ll crash land on the snowy mountains in the middle of the island. Adjust your bearings and open up your emergency survival kit. The Guide Book sits there waiting for you.
Once you equip it for the first time, you can now simply press B on your keyboard to bring out the Guide Book. Press B again once you’re done using it.
On opening the Guide Book you can use the side tabs to open up instructions to build yourself a temporary tent, campfire, floor, and stairs. These can be used in the forest for various situations. The Guide Book also has information and blueprints on how to build some more permanent shelters and traps. Simply press X on the keyboard to bring up the Shelter section. You can find instructions for building a small log cabin, hunting shelter, and tree shelter. You can also construct traps to catch animals and enemies that get a bit too close.
Check out this video for more detail

That cover how to open and use the Gudie Book in Sons of The Forest. But the Guide Book is just the start of all the game has to offer. Check out our guides on How to get a Winter Jacket, How to make a spear and a List of all the hidden achievements in the game here on Gamer Tweak.