Sons of the Forest Animals Location: How To Find & Hunt Them

Here's where to find the animals in Sons of the Forest (map locations).

Animals are very important in Sons of the Forest because you can hunt them for food or crafting materials. This location guide will explain where to find these animals on the map and what tips to use while hunting them to ensure your survival. There are also a few hostile creatures that you need to know about, so you can prepare yourself when they attack you.

Where to Find All Animals in Sons of the Forest (Map Locations)

Here’s the location of animals that are hostile and not hostile on this strange island.

Deer Location

deer animal location sons forest

Deer can be found in the north-western and western regions of the map. Once you hunt a deer, you can obtain 4 Raw Meat and 1 Animal Hide. Hide will help you craft Hide armor. You can cook raw meat for good when you are hungry.

How to Hunt Deer

  • Equip your bow and arrow.
  • Crouch to ensure that the deer are not alerted and don’t run away.
  • Get close enough to get a clear aim and shoot the arrow to kill the deer.
  • If you don’t manage to hunt on your first attempt, you will need multiple attacks, otherwise, the deer will get up and run off.

Ducks location

Whenever you encounter a location with a pond or any other water bodies, chances are that there are ducks you can hunt down. Use your melee or ranged weapons to kill them and you will get Feather and Raw Meat from them.

Moose Location

moose location animals sons of forest on map

Moose is a big creature and you can get 7 Raw Meat and 2 Hide when you hunt them. You can keep an eye on water bodies where they might come to drink water or you can encounter them while exploring. There are certain regions where there’s a higher chance of coming across them, check out the map thanks to Mapgenie.

Where to Find Sharks & Orcas Location

shark orcas animal location sons forest

While you should not be approaching these hostile creatures on your own – if you happen to come across them, it will be in the sea/ocean areas. Here’s how to kill sharks, you will need to attack it to find the pistol on the raft.

Rabbits & Squirrels Location

You might see Rabbits and Squirrels roaming about in the Forest region or near water bodies. They can run off quickly so ensure that you make an Animal Trap. For a small one, you require 14 Sticks. Use your Guide book for reference. Find a suitable spot, place your trap, and wait for the animal to get caught. Check back again after some time and you will have your resources (1 Raw Meat from a Rabbit as well as a Squirrel).

Seagulls & Birds

As you can tell, Seagulls can be found near the beach. If you’ve spawned there, you will find plenty of birds to attack with your spear or another melee weapon. They will pop out some Feathers and Raw meat for you.

Where to Find Fish

fish location sons forest

Check out the locations marked on the map to find Fish easily. Don’t forget to check the waterfalls because there could be some Salmon there. You will get 1 Raw Fish from it. You can also make a Fish trap to make things easier.

Oyster Locations

oyster location

Where to Find Turtles

Turtles are located in the coastal areas of the map, as well as some places near water bodies in the inner region. Once you spot it, attack the animal using a spear. From Sea Turtles, you can get Turtle Shell as well as Raw meat and from Freshwater Turtles, you can obtain Raw Meat.

This covers the location of animals in Sons of the Forest and how to hunt them. If you are also curious to know the item locations of the essentials that will keep you alive, check out our guide here.