Best Armor To Use In Sons Of The Forest

Here is a guide on the best armor types in Sons of The Forest.

Are you looking out for the best Sons of The Forest armor? Then you’re at the right place. A survival game like this will need you to be on your toes with adequate weapons, supplies and most importantly – armor. So, if you want to know about all the armor sets that you can find in the game then keep reading.

Best Armor in Sons of The Forest

hide armor

The below-mentioned list is ranked from best to worst. We have added the benefits and drawbacks of each armor and also how to craft or find them in the game.

1. Golden Armor

The first on our list and probably the best in the game is Golden Armor. It boosts up your stats to maximum defense. But you can obtain this armor only during the latter parts of the game. It can be found in a bunker by the lake southeast of the snowy mountains for which you will need a Maintenance Key. The best part about this armor is that it is indestructible and is also one of the only ones to cover your entire body. Not to mention, it is also one of the finest-looking armor sets.

2. Bone Armor

Bone Armor is another strong armor set in Sons of The Forest. It is one of the best armor to protect yourself against the mutants in the forest throughout the course of the game. Bone armor grants a decent boost to your defense stats and its crafting materials are also quite easy to find. The best part is that you can get it quite early in the game. You will be able to craft your first set after killing 5-6 mutants in the first few hours of the game.

3. Tech Armor

There is a reason why we haven’t placed the Tech Armor higher up on this list. Though it provides a decent boost to your damage reduction, its crafting price massively exceeds the benefits it provides. Some of the items like Tech Mesh, need to be crafted in the first place before you can use it. And the frustrating part is that you will have to craft 10 pieces over and over again to make the Tech Armor. This process can take a lot of your energy, time and money as well. If you’re up for it, then here is the crafting recipe to keep in mind:

4. Hide Armor

  • Crafting Items:
    • x1 Cloth
    • x2 Animal Hide

One of the advantages of having the Hide armor is that it protects your players from the cold. But that’s not all, the armor can give you decent defensive cover as well. As the name suggests, you will need to kill and skin an animal alive to get the Hide armor. The best way is to kill deers to accumulate the hide.You can do this by either sneaking up to them or attacking them with a ranged weapon. They are not that strong but quire fast and can escape in a blink of an eye.l. Alternatively, you can also get skins after killing Goose.

5. Creepy Armor

  • Crafting Items:
    • Mutant Skin
    • Combat Knife

The Creepy armor is one of easiest to craft in the game. Since you’re going to be encountering hordes of mutants, you are bound to receive the crafting material after killing them. All you need is a dead mutant and a combat knife. The skin can be further crafted in the toolkit and be worn immediately.

6. Leaf Armor

  • Crafting Items:

Lastly, in our list of all armor in Sons of The Forest, we have the Leaf Armor. It is by far the easiest to craft in the game but also offers little to no protection against enemies. You should get rid of this armor within the first few hours of the game as it provides no value.

That’s all you need to know about the best armor in Sons of The Forest. If you liked this guide, then do check out more such tips & tricks in our Sons of The Forest section.