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Where To Find Circuit Board In Sons Of The Forest

Here is a guide on how to find Circuit Board in Sons of The Forest.

Want to know how to find the Circuit Board in Sons of The Forest? We can help you out. The Circuit Board was part of The Forest in 2014. It was used to craft bombs in the game. Its purpose remains the same in Sons of The Forest as well. But finding this item in the game is by no means simple. This guide will help you with the exact locations of the Circuit Boards in the game.

How to Find Circuit Board in Sons of The Forest

Circuit Boards can be found inside radios and loot boxes spread across the map in Sons of The Forest. Radios and crates can be found lying around different areas of the map,  But if you’re looking for a guaranteed spawn location, then refer to the image below:

location circuit board

If you head to the exact spot above, you will be able to find a frozen lake. Just along the banks of the lake, you will see a box lying around. Walk up to it and loot all items. Among the other items in the crate, you will get the Circuit board as well. However, if you want to farm several circuit boards, then here’s how to do it:

How to Farm More Circuit Boards

farm more circuit boards

To farm more circuit boards in Sons of The Forest, just head to this exact spot mentioned in the compass above. It is at an abandoned camp that adjoins the lake. Several stereos will be strewn across this camp. All you need to do is break these radios and loot the circuit boards inside of them. Finding more than five of them won’t be a problem for you.

Now, go ahead and manually save your progress. Next up, you will need to quit the game and join again. You will notice that the radio boxes have respawned again. Repeat the same process to farm circuit boards.

That’s all you need to do to find Circuit Boards in Sons of The Forest. For more survival guides on the game, head to our Sons of The Forest section.