How To Get Resin In Sons Of The Forest

Trying to use the 3D printer? Here is a quick guide on how to get Resin in SoTF.

Sons of the Forest is developer Endnight Games’ return to the survival-horror genre. In this sequel to the hit 2014 game The Forest, you play as hired rescue for a missing billionaire. Players find themselves crashed on a remote island where they must use their wits and determination to survive the island’s horrors. Crafting tools and items is a huge part of the game’s systems and many players face the problem of running out of vital supplies. Resin is one such item and here is a guide to help you find it in Sons of The Forest.

How to get Resin in Sons of The Forest

how to get resin in Sons of the forest
Resin is the main component required to run the 3D printer in the game. You can unlock the 3D printer quite early in the game by making your way to the cave west of the snowy mountains. Once you find the cave make your way down to the end of the corridor. This is the location of the 3D Printer. Printer Resin can be found on the shelves placed around the room. Check out our guide on the 3D Printer for a more detailed look.
The Resin can be used to print the following items

  • Arrows
  • Flask
  • Mask
  • Grappling Hook
  • Tech Mesh
  • Sled

Resin can also spawn in crates in various locations on the island so always be on the lookout for crates and interesting locations you come across. Resin is vital for 3D printing and we recommend using the printer only when absolutely needed.

If you need some more Resin or what to experiment with the 3D printer, you can try this glitch to farm unlimited Resin. Here are the step to perform the glitch.

  • Go to the 3D printer bunker.
  • Collect all the loot in the room, and save the game manually.
  • Press Esc and quit the game.
  • Restart the game on the new save file.
  • If done right all the items in the room including the Resin will respawn.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Resin in Sons of The Forest. Check our guide on How to get the Track Suit and other Sons of The Forest guides here on Gamer Tweak.