Sons Of The Forest Item Map Spawn Locations

Want to see the item locations in Sons Of The Forest all in one place? This guide will come in handy.

In Sons Of The Forest, you will need multiple items to survive including snacks, rope, cloth, and knowing the locations where to find them can be useful. While naturally exploring the map and coming across items/crafting materials is fun, if you want to speed up the process, you can refer to the images below. These are all thanks to the interactive map provided by Mapgenie.

Sons Of The Forest Item Spawn Locations on Interactive Map

In this guide, we’ve provided map locations of crucial items such as snacks, tarp, utility items, gear and more. For more locations of wildlife/animals, collectibles and POIs, be sure to head to mapgenie. the best interactive map for this game.

Food Locations

Snack and Soda

First and foremost, you need food to survive. While you can find and cook food, there are snacks and soda for you to collect at a specific place.

food sons of forest

Cloth Location

You will need cloth because it’s an important crafting material. If you plan on using a Molotov, Armors and a Torch, this is where you can find cloth.

where to find cloth

Coins & Booze Location

coins booze location

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Where to Find Duct Tape

Want a spear to catch fish and kill birds easily? This is where you can collect Duct Tape.

duct tape location

Where to Find Tarp

Having a shelter is of utmost importance because not only will it help you regain your energy after being tired, but it will also help you save the game.

tarp location

Utility Item Locations

Where to Find Shotgun Rail

shotgun rail locations sons of forest
Where to Find Can Opener on Map

can opener locations
Where to Find Laser Sight

laser sight location on map
Where to Find Pistol Rail (Map)

pistol rail item location sons of forest
Suppressor (Silencer)

suppressor silencer location
Flashlight Attachment

flashlight attachment item location sons forest


wrist watch location


rope location

Gear (Jackets, Dress, Suits & More)

clothes gear item locations sons of forest



That’s all for the item locations in Sons of the Forest. There are lots of items that are not mentioned here but we’ve explained how you can get those in our Sons of the Forest guides. For example, find out how to get the Rebreather, Cook and Eat foodget waterlog sled3D printer, and more.