How To Easily Kill Sharks In Sons Of The Forest

Here is how you can easily slay any sharks in your way in Sons of the Forest.

In order to get the pistol in Sons of the Forest, you will have to kill the shark on the way. But to kill the shark you will need the pistol. This might sound like a problem but don’t worry the answer to this is really simple. So here is how you can easily kill sharks in Sons of the Forest.

How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

sons of the forest how to kill the shark in the ocean

You can kill sharks using both spears or pistol in Sons of the Forest. While spears are a bit inefficient, when used properly they will get the job done. Using the pistol is the easiest way to get rid of sharks. But you will also lose out on some precious ammo. So you should decide whether you find it to be worth it. Here is what you need to do:

  • Equip your Spear or Pistol. You can use Quick Slots or equip them from the inventory.
  • Using Spear
    1. Wait for the Shark to swim by you.
    2. Aim for its head, and throw the spear.
    3. When you hit the right spot you should be able to kill it with just 1 spear.
    4. In case you hit its body and still watch it swim, then either craft more spears or wait for it to go away.
  • Using Pistol
    1. This is a bit tricky because the raft where you get the pistol, is out in the ocean where there is a shark that can attack you at any moment.
    2. Swim to the raft without getting attacked by the shark.
    3. Grab the pistol then equip it.
    4. Now, as soon as you spot the shark swimming by, simply shoot it. Try aiming for the head.
  • Both these methods work equally well for killing the shark.

Aside from the ocean, the other area where you will encounter a shark is where you get the Rebreather. So this is another place where you should go prepared.

That covers this guide on how to kill the sharks in Sons of the Forest. You should also check our other guides on how to get the Machete and get Revolver for this game. And for help on any other topics check out our Sons of the Forest section.