How To Quickly Swap Items In Sons Of The Forest (Hotkeys Guide)

Here is how you can quickly assign weapons and bind items in Sons of the Forest.

Hotbar or Hotkeys are present in most survival games, but while playing Sons of the Forest, you’ll find them missing. This can make you feel that it’s a gimmick by the game to add difficulty to your horror adventure. But in fact, this game has a creative workaround for it. So here is how you can use quick slots to swap your weapons and other items in Sons of the Forest.

How to Hotbar or Quick Swap Items in Sons of the Forest

how hotkeys and quick swap works in sons of the forest

You cannot exactly quick swap or hotkey your items in this game in the traditional sense. There is no mini menu on the screen that shows you keybinds for items like most other games in this genre. But in exchange, Sons of the Forest lets you use your bag as an alternative. Your bag acts as hotkeys here. So here is how you can quickly select or change your items:

  1. Press and hold the I-key on your keyboard to bring up your backpack.
  2. Here, hover over the item that you wish to equip or swap.
  3. Next, left-click on it to use it.
  4. Your character will now equip the desired item.

There is a catch though with the backpack. Just like an actual Hotbar system. It can only hold certain items. For example, two weapons, a few healing items, and more. So before entering a cave or any place where you can encounter enemies, make sure you prepare your bag first. To do that:

how to hotbar quick slots in sons of the forest

  1. Open your inventory by pressing I.
  2. Hover over the item that you want to add to your bag.
  3. Right-click on it and it will put the item in your bag. Right-click again to remove the items that you don’t want in your bag.

That covers this guide on how to quick slot weapons and hotkey items in Sons of the Forest. Since you like this game you should also find our guides useful on how to get a sled, how to get a shovel, and how to get water. And for other topics for this game don’t forget to check our Sons of the Forest section.