Valheim: How To Get Iron Nails And Bronze Nails

Find out how to obtain Iron and Bronze Nails which will help you craft higher level items.

Iron and Bronze are important resources in Valheim that you will need to craft Iron Nails and Bronze Nails respectively. The nails are primarily for advanced building purposes and if you have progressed quite a bit in the game, you will need a LOT of it. In this guide, we will discuss how to get Iron Nails and Bronze Nails in Valheim.

How to Get and Use Iron and Bronze Nails in Valheim

Let’s look at each Nail item in Valheim that is currently available.

How to Get Iron Nails

valheim iron nails

To get Iron Nails in Valheim, you need a Forge and 1 Iron Ingot and that’s it. You can obtain 10 Iron Nails via this method.

How to Get Bronze Nails

valheim bronze nails

Similar to Iron Nails, you can use the Forge with 1 Bronze Ingot to get 20 Bronze Nails.

How to Use

Now, you may be wondering how to use the Nails you have crafted. Iron Nails are an essential component in building the Dragon Bed, Longship, Raven Throne, Spinning Wheel and Windmill. In case of Bronze Nails, Cart, Item Stands and Karve.

Here are the Crafting Recipes of those items that require Iron Nails:

Dragon Bed


Raven throne

Spinning wheel


  • 20 Stone
  • 30 Wood
  • 30 Iron nails


  • 20 Wood
  • 10 Bronze nails

Item stand (horizontal)

  • 4 Fine wood
  • 1 Bronze nail

Item stand (vertical)

  • 4 Fine wood
  • 1 Bronze nail


  • 30 Fine wood
  • 10 Deer hide
  • 20 Resin
  • 80 Bronze nails

That’s all you need to know about how to get Iron Nails and Bronze Nails in Valheim. As you can see, some items need loads of nails so go ahead and begin your process right away. If you prefer to use console commands to spawn items, use the codes spawn IronNails and spawn BronzeNails after typing “devcommands” in the console. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here.

For more tips and tricks to get more items, head over to our Valheim wiki right away.