How To Get Wolf Pelt In Valheim And Uses

Wondering where to find Wolf Pelt in Valheim and how to use it? Get your answer here.

Wolves are a creature in this Viking-themed survival game. You can tame them and also get drops like Raw Meat, Wolf Fang, Wolf Trophy and Wolf Pelt. For those players who are curious to know how to get Wolf Pelt in Valheim, this guide will give you all the information you need.

Valheim Wolf Pelt

To get Wolf Pelt, you have to kill Wolves and collect it as a drop. Once you have taken down the animal, you simply have to approach it and interact with the body. You will see a prompt to pick it up. This creature is present in the Mountain biome which is a freezing environment. To find the Wolf locations, you can head to the mountain peaks in this region and be on the hunt for these animals. And after collecting this item, you can start the process to craft Wolf Armor which will protect you in the cold.

The Wolf Armor set has four pieces. Wolf Fur Cape needs 6 Wolf Pelts, Wolf Armor Legs needs 5 Wolf Pelts and Wolf Armor Chest needs 5 Wolf Pelts. Moreover, the Drake Helmet needs 2 Wolf Pelts as well. So, you have to kill quite a few Wolves for this purpose which should be fairly easy. Once you have all the materials needed, go ahead and craft it and protect yourself from the cold. It’s one of the best armors in our Valheim armor tier list so don’t miss out on it.

how to get wolf pelt valheim and how to use

How to Use it?

Apart from being a Crafting Material in the Wolf Armor set, you can also use it to put decorations as well as furniture like Dragon Bed and Wolf Pet Rug. You need a Hammer for this purpose.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get Wolf Pelt in Valheim. Apart from this, there’s also some Padded Armor you can get in this game, check out our linked guide to know how to unlock it. And if you are looking to tame some wolves while you are in the area, find out how to do that as well.