Best Upcoming Games On PC (September 2021)

Find out all the best upcoming games for PC releasing in the month of September 2021.

There are a host of upcoming PC games that will release in the month of September 2021. All of these are coming directly to your laptop or desktop. Some big-name games are making their debut next month as the gaming world wakes up to bring out the biggest releases. So, scroll down and find out about all the new games launching in September.

Best New Upcoming PC Games (September 2021)

Here are all the best PC game releases for the month of September:

Lake: September 2, 2021


Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Lake is a postal worker simulator game. This game takes you back to 1986 America in the shoes of a postal worker. You take over the role of Meredith Weiss as she takes a break from the big city life to become a postal worker. You get to visit the beautiful Providence Oaks community and deliver parcels to your heart’s content.

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Big Rumble Boxing Creed Champions: September 3, 2021


Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions brings back the iconic boxing movie franchise to your computer screens. You will get to take over control of some of the famous characters from the game. These include Rocky, Adonis Creed, Clubber Lang, and more.

Bloodhunt PC Game: September 7, 2021



Bloodhunt is the new free-to-play multiplayer game that is set in the Vampire: Masquerade universe. You will have to use your abilities along with the weapons to come out victorious in this battle royale.

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Deathloop: September 14, 2021


Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Deathloop is a new next-gen FPS that is coming straight to your PCs. This game comes from the same devs of the Dishonored series.

In the game, you are one of the two rival assassins that are trapped in a mysterious time loop on an island called Blackreef. You are stuck in a loop where you just keep repeating the same day over and over again.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: September 23, 2021


Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Diablo 2 Resurrected is the remastered version of the RPG Diablo 2. This time around you get newly remastered graphics for all the monsters, heroes, items, and spells. There is also talk about support for a cross-progression-based system for the game. support will also be updated for this game.

For fans of the franchise, this is a nostalgic experience that is worth the investment.

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SkateBIRD: September 16, 2021



Channel your inner Tony Hawk, but as a bird in the game. You will be able to become a hawk in the game too. Get It?

Jokes apart this is a cutesy game that allows you to take over the role of a skateboarding bird. You can carve out sweet grinds along with some flips along the way. This is one for the books.

Kena Bridge Of Spirits PC Game: September 21, 2021

Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a new story-driven, action-adventure. This game does an amazing job of combining exploration with fast-paced combat methods. You take over the role of Kena as you look to grow a team of charming spirit companions known as the Rot. Also, you will be able to enhance their abilities and create new ways to manipulate the environment.

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Sable: September 23, 2021



You will be able to embark on a new and unique journey as you step into the shoes of Sable. The game takes you through Sable’s Gliding which is a rite of passage that will take you across various landscapes. Along the way you will come across various deserts, spaceship remains, and ancient wonders to match.

Hot Wheels Unleashed: September 30, 2021


Best Upcoming Games On PC For September 2021

Hot Wheels is every kid’s dream toy. Handy, well designed, and just downright cool. These cars now make their way to your PC screens as they go screeching around the famed orange tracks.

You will also be able to collect some of the famous Hot Wheels models. To top it off, you get to construct tracks as your mind instructs you to. So, go wild and build the most outrageous thing you can think of. And then race your vehicles on your creation.

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New World: Best PC Game Releasing on 28 September 2021

new world

New World takes place on the mysterious island of Aeternum, a land of legends. As the storyline goes, you crash on the shores of this unknown land. You will find yourself without any supplies and enemies abound.

Your goal? Make it out alive as you battle various enemies in a world where conventional rules of the mortal world don’t work. There is magic, a lot of it.
And while magic is good to look at and experience, it even brings in negative effects. So, you will have to make up your own rules in this wild, new land.

Journey across picturesque landscapes as you fight against creatures that once had a soul, but lost it to the magic of Aeternum.

Uncover various secrets of this eerie and magical place as you progress.
This is definitely one to watch out for and is so far the best game coming out in September. You can even gain early access to the game by looking at the interlinked article.

This is everything you need to know about the best upcoming PC games in September 2021. While you are here you can also have a look at the best new PS4 and PS5 games to play this month.