Enshrouded: How To Strengthen And Upgrade The Flame Altar

Strengthening and Upgrading your Flame Altar can help you unlock various integral base-related benefits in Enshrouded. Here’s everything you need to know about this process.

Apart from getting additional buffs that will considerably improve your base, once you upgrade your Flame Altar in Enshrouded, you will be able to unlock a bunch of other benefits that will help you while crafting, during combat, and even while exploring Embervale. Additionally, this item is much more than a mere fast traveling point, it is the most important aspect of your base.

As a result, while you are trying to strengthen or upgrade different weapons, structures, and even your own character, it is also necessary to upgrade this essential item. However, even though it can be crafted using just five Stones, you will have to collect a plethora of resources to complete the strengthening process. Similarly, if you are looking to learn more about the Flame Altar, here’s everything you need to do to complete this Flame upgradation process.

How to Strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded

Strengthen the Flame to level up your base in Enshrouded
Strengthen the Flame to level up your base in Enshrouded

Players will be able to strengthen their Flame Altar up to level 6. This means you will have to collect all the necessary resources required to complete all the remaining 5 levels. Additionally, once you level up the Altar and strengthen the Flame, the benefits will be accessible via the other Altars as well.

To do this, go near your Flame Altar and interact with it by pressing the E and start strengthening or upgrading it. If you want to learn about all the resources you will need to collect before you can begin this process and what kind of added benefits you will reap after strengthening it, here’s a list of all the levels and the requirements –

Flame Level 2

  • Benefits –
    • Altar Activation Capacity: 4
    • Shroud Passage Level: 2
    • Character Attribute Bonuses: 1
    • Time in the Shroud: 6 minutes
  • Resources required –
    • 1x Spark
    • 1x Fell Thunderbrute Head
    • 5x Resin
    • 5x Red Mushroom
    • 5x Bones
    • 5x Shroud Liquid
    • 5x Animal Fur

Flame Level 3

  • Benefits –
    • Altar Activation Capacity: 6
    • Shroud Passage Level: 3
    • Character Attribute Bonuses: 2
    • Time in the Shroud: 7 minutes

Flame Level 4

  • Benefits –
    • Altar Activation Capacity: 7
    • Shroud Passage Level: 4
    • Character Attribute Bonuses: 3
    • Time in the Shroud: 8 minutes
  • Resources required –
    • 1x Fell Wispwyvern Head
    • 15x Goo
    • 15x Mycelium
    • 10x Spark
    • 15x Indigo Plant
    • 15x Amber
    • 15x Copper Ore

Flame Level 5

  • Benefits –
    • Altar Activation Capacity: 8
    • Shroud Passage Level: 5
    • Character Attribute Bonuses: 4
    • Time in the Shroud: 9 minutes
  • Resources required –
    • 1x Fell Monstrosity Head
    • 20x Mint Mushroom Meat
    • 20x Fossilized Bone
    • 20x Spark
    • 20x Ammonia Gland
    • 20x Tin Ore
    • 20x Rooibos

Flame Level 6

  • Benefits –
    • Altar Activation Capacity: 8
    • Shroud Passage Level: 6
    • Character Attribute Bonuses: 5
    • Time in the Shroud: 10 minutes
  • Resources required –
    • 1x Fell Sicklescythe Head
    • 40x Sulfur
    • 40x Saffron
    • 40x Spark
    • 40x Iron Ore
    • 40x Lapis Lazuli
    • 40x Yucca Fruit

How to Upgrade the Flame Altar in Enshrouded

Additionally, the Altar can be upgraded by spending the valuable Shroud Core you have collected. Unlike strengthening the Flame, this process will only require one material, however, the quantity will increase with the level.

Apart from this, by completing this process, you will only be able to increase the size of your base. You can level up your Altar and start filling your base with more important structures, buildings, and workbenches that will help you level up. Here’s a list of all the upgrades and their requirements and benefits –

Altar Level 2

  • Benefits –
    • Unlock base area: 80x80x80
  • Resources required –
    • 1x Shroud Core

Altar Level 3

  • Benefits –
    • Unlock base area: 120x120x120
  • Resources required –
    • 5x Shroud Core

Altar Level 4

  • Benefits –
    • Unlock base area: 160x160x160
  • Resources required –
    • 10x Shroud Core

This is everything you need to know if you want to strengthen or upgrade the Flame Altar in Enshrouded. If you found this guide helpful, continue browsing through the guides that are available here on Gamer Tweak and find out how you can wait & pass time in the game and learn how you can upgrade your backpack so that you can collect and store plenty of resources.