How To Get Wax In Enshrouded (Farming Guide)

If you are looking for Wax in Enshrouded to strengthen the flame of your Flame Altar or for different crafting purposes, then here is where to find and farm it.

Wax in Enshrouded is one of the essential crafting and upgrade materials that you will have to forage while going through Embervale. However, you might not quickly realize the usage of the resource early on at the beginning of your campaign. Once you settle down and establish your base, you will need to keep upgrading and strengthening the flame of your Flame Altar. And alongside Sparks and other resources, you will also need tons of Wax to upgrade the altar.

While it is not that hard to come across in Embervale and soon you will be able to farm it at your base, if you don’t know where exactly to look then you can have a hard time gathering the resource. In this guide, we will explain where you can find and harvest Wax in Enshrouded to use it for upgrades and crafting.

Where to Find Wax in Enshrouded

Where To Find Wax In Enshrouded
Harvest Wax And Honey From Beehives On Trees (Image Source: The Ginger Empire on YouTube)

Wax in Enshrouded can primarily be harvested through beehives located on trees in Embervale. However, you will need to tread lightly as there will be swarms of bees nearby protecting the beehive. Players will need to deal with the bees first as they will keep following them in the game. That said, the swarm of bees makes things easier for you to locate the hive and harvest wax in the game. Along with some wax, you will also be able to forage some honey from the hive.

It is worth mentioning that you will be able to harvest the beehive directly without taking down the entire tree in Enshrouded. Players will need to approach the beehive and interact with it to harvest Wax and Honey in Enshrouded. If you are lucky enough, you will come across a tree with multiple beehives where you will be able to forage them accordingly.

With that being said, if you built your base where the game directs you then you will stumble upon a lot of beehives nearby in the area. All you will need to do is explore some of the nearby areas in the game. We suggest you explore the areas during the daytime rather than the night early on.

How to Farm Wax in Enshrouded

Once you have progressed enough and rescued the Farmer in Enshrouded, you will be able to build your own beehive farm to collect Wax and Honey regularly. Players will need to craft a Beehive Smoker to craft the Honey Beehive in the game. Here are all the materials you will need for the Beehive Smoker recipe:

  • x2 Sand
  • x3 Lump of Clay
  • x3 String

Interact with the farmer to craft the smoker, after which you will have the ability to craft Honey Beehive to farm honey and Wax in Enshouded regularly. Once you crafted the smoker, here are the resources required to craft the Honey Beehive in the game:

  • x4 Wood Logs
  • x20 Straw
  • x4 Lump of Clay

That’s everything covered in this guide. For more interesting guides like these, be sure to go through our dedicated Enshrouded section, right here on Gamer Tweak.