Where To Find Sparks In Enshrouded

Sparks in Enshrouded are essential resource required to strengthen the flame of your Flame Altar. Learn how you can farm them by exploring Embervale for Flame Shrines and Sanctums.

Settling down as a Flameborn in Embervale and surviving the shroud can be a hard task for players to get around. Although, once you place down the Flame Altar and start building up your base, you might get the hang of it. With that being said, apart from upgrading the altar, players can further strengthen the flame of the Flame Altar to increase their capability to explore the Shroud. One of the important resources required to strengthen the flame is Sparks in Enshrouded.

However, these aren’t just normal sparks that you could pick up from any nearby campfire. You will need to explore Embervale further for shrines and sanctums in the game. So if you are looking to strengthen the flame of your Flame Altar then here is where you can find Sparks in Enshrouded.

How to Farm Sparks in Enshrouded

How To Farm Sparks In Enshrouded
Interact With The Circular Flame In Shrines & Sanctums To Collect Sparks (Image Source: AB FUN on YouTube)

Players can get their hands on Sparks in Enshrouded from the Flame Shrines and Flame Sanctums scattered across Embervale. These shrines and sanctums are marked with a flame icon on your map, so you will find it easy to navigate once you come across one. While Flame Sanctums are comparatively larger than shrines, you will often stumble upon the latter.

Flame Shrines In Enshrouded
Explore Embervale For Flame Shrines In Enshrouded (Image Source: AB FUN on YouTube)

That said, early on you might want to interact with all the survivors and explore more to get an idea of where they are located. We would suggest that you use the Ancient Spires to glide over the areas and locate flames for Sparks in Enshrouded. Flame Sanctums on the other hand are structures that you will need to head inside and collect the sparks from.

Flame Sanctums In Enshrouded
Flame Sanctums Are Large Structures With Sparks (Image Source: AB FUN on YouTube)

Once you come across the shrines or sanctums, there will be a circular structure with flame within it. You will need to interact with the small circular structure to collect the Sparks in Enshrouded. After which you can head back and strengthen the flame of your Flame Altar at your base. Since you will need more than just one spark, you will have to explore Embervale more thoroughly for them.

That’s everything covered in this guide. That said, you will also need some Copper Ore to strengthen the flame further, so be sure to check out our guide on it. And if you find this guide helpful, go through our dedicated Enshrouded section for more interesting ones like these, right here on Gamer Tweak.