How To Get Copper Ore Fast In Enshrouded – Farming Locations

Copper Ores are needed for crafting Copper Bars in Enshrouded. Here are a few locations where you can farm it in abundance.

Copper Ore is one of the many resources you’ll be looking for during your time in Enshrouded. Unlike Tar and Torn Cloth, this one is a little hard to find. To be honest, you need to be well aware of the map and its surroundings if you want a Copper Ore. It’s that hard to find. That is why, we will help you in finding this resource.

Where to Farm Copper Ore in Enshrouded

To be honest, the only way to find Copper Ore in Enshrouded is by exploring the corners of Embervale. Luckily, however, there are a few locations that can be your go-to spots for farming Copper Ores. Starting with the Mark of Sameth, a mine filled with Copper. If you have progressed through the story and reached Revelwood then you can easily reach this mine. Because it is located just west of the Revelwood Ancient Spire. Here’s where you can find it on the map:

best place to farm Copper Ore in Enshrouded
Mark of Sameth, a Copper Mine. Image Credits to MapGenie

What’s best about this place is that it’s pretty huge and it can be your never-ending source of Copper in Enshrouded. The Copper gets spawned every once in a while so you can come back here and collect it again. But make sure that you come well-prepared with a pickaxe and some weapons. Pickaxe for harvesting Copper Ore and Weapons for fighting back the enemies lurking in this region.

Copper Ore Farming Location in Enshrouded
Use this Location to Farm Copper

Aside from this, there’s another Mineshaft where you can find Copper Ore in abundance in Enshrouded. This place is found to the east of Low Meadows Ancient Spire. You can also say that it’s on the southern side of the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire.

How to Use Copper Ore in Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you will need Copper Ores for crafting a Copper Bar. And then, that Copper Bar is used as a crafting resource for several items like a Copper Pickaxe, several Armor Sets, structures, weapon ammo, etc.

Now, to convert a Copper Ore into a Copper Bar, you will need a Smelter. This facility is unlocked once you have found the Blacksmith. Also, you will need x50 Fired Brick and a Crucible to build a Smelter. Once you have the Smelter ready, use x20 Copper Ore and x20 Charcoal to get x10 Copper Bar.

While Copper Ore is just one of those resources you will need in Enshrouded, there are plenty others to look for. So be sure to stick around and check out our other Enshrouded Guides.