How To Get Tar Fast In Enshrouded

You can collect plenty of Tar early on in Enshrouded and here’s how.

In Enshrouded, you will need plenty of Tar during your early and mid-game period. It is just like a Torn Cloth, that has a moderate amount of use in your playthrough. Despite the fact that you won’t be needing it on many occasions, you can still gather a lot of Tar within the early phase itself. You can go look for it in the wild or simply craft it on your Base. Either way, we have got you the fastest way to get lots of Tar. So if you want some, this is the right place to get started.

Note – Enshrouded is still in Early Access so you can expect plenty of content additions. We will update this guide if there’s a change in the future.

Here’s How to Get Tar Fast in Enshrouded

Firstly, let me tell you two of the easiest ways to get some Tar. You can collect 1 Tar by extinguishing a campfire set up in the woods. There is no button for extinguishing a campfire but you can do that by damaging it with a staff or wand. Aside from this, you can also get 1 Tar simply by overcooking food in Enshrouded. However, it should be noted that this only works on raw food, for example – mushrooms, meat, etc.

While collecting Tar from overcooked food, make sure not to use rare items. It will be like wasting them for another resource. So I think it would be wiser if you just overcook food items that are easily found, like mushrooms.

Producing Tar in Enshrouded
Crafting Tar using Charcoal Kiln

According to me, the above is an easy and less effective method of getting Tar. But if you want to accumulate plenty of it, then I suggest you start crafting it on your base. For that, you will need a Charcoal Kiln which unlocks only if you have found the Blacksmith. A Charcoal Kiln requires x20 Woods to be built. Once you have built this structure, you can use x6 Dirt and x30 Wood Logs to craft 20 Tar in Enshrouded.

Crafting Tar using the Charcoal Kiln takes a few minutes but it is worth it. You will have 20 Tar at once which is better than finding 1 Tar twenty times.

What to do with Tar in Enshrouded

Using Tar for building in Enshrouded
Tar is used for Crafting Tarred Shingle Roof Blocks

Now that you know how to get Tar in Enshrouded, it is time to know its uses. The very first use of Tar is revealed when you try to build Tarred Shingle Roof Blocks. Just like this, there are several other building structures that can be built using the Tar.

Moreover, Tar is also useful for a Wizard who uses Staff as a weapon. There are some Staff Charges that require Tar as an ingredient in it. So you see, this resource has some uses after all.

That’s everything there is to know about the Tar in Enshrouded. For other resources like Metal Scraps and Resin, be sure to check out our guides here.