How To Get More Staff Charges In Enshrouded

In Enshrouded, you will eventually run out of Staff Charges, and here’s how you can get more of them.

In Enshrouded, a Wizard’s main weapon is a Staff that casts spells, otherwise known as Staff Charges. Without these charges, your Staff is nothing but just a fancy stick. During the initial stages of the game, you will unlock your first Staff Charge known as Ice Bolt after finding the Alchemist. However, just this one Staff Charge isn’t enough for the entire game. I mean, if you want to put up a tough fight against the enemies, then you should unlock new charges.

To help you with that, here’s a guide that explains what you need to do to unlock more Staff Charges in Enshrouded.

Note: This guide is subject to change because Enshrouded is still in Early Access. We will update this guide in case a new Staff Charge is introduced.

Here’s How to Get Staff Charges in Enshrouded

Before finding the Alchemist, the only way to unlock more Staff Charges is by opening Rare Chests. These are found in the darkest corners of the Embervale like an Ancient Vault. You will have to do a little exploration until you find a Rare Chest containing a Staff Charge in Enshrouded.

Using Ice Bolt Staff Charge in Enshrouded
Casting Ice Bolt Staff Charge. Image Credits to AntwanGaming

Besides this, you can craft new Staff Charges after moving the Alchemist to your Base. As I said, Ice Bolt will be the first Staff Charge that you will unlock at an Alchemist. It requires you to spend x2 Water and x5 Shroud Liquid to craft an Ice Bolt Staff Charge. You will be able to unlock more Staff Charge from Alchemist once you obtain new resources.

For example, you will unlock a Staff Charge known as Fireball II after finding Amber for the first time. Similarly, finding other new resources will help you unlock other Staff Charges in Enshrouded.

Just so that you can refer to it, here are all the Staff Charges that you unlock:

  • Acid Bite
  • Chain Heal
  • Chain Lightning
  • Eternal Acid Bite
  • Eternal Chain Heal
  • Eternal Fireball
  • Eternal Heal Channel
  • Eternal Ice Bolt (crafted)
  • Eternal Ice Bolt
  • Eternal Light Burst
  • Fire Wisp
  • Fireball I
  • Fireball II
  • Heal Chanel
  • Ice Bolt
  • Light Burst
  • Lightning Channel
  • Shroud Meteor

Once you have more than one Staff Charge, you will have to put the one you want to use in the quick slot. Then, you will have to hold right-click to charge the spell and press left-click to cast it.

Things to Know Before Using Staff Charges

Each Staff Charge that you use has a Mana Cost associated with it. For instance, the Fireball II spell has a 68 Mana Cost. So once you cast it, you will immediately lose some Mana. You can check Mana by looking at the blue bar under your HP in the top left corner. One more thing, if you open the Character Menu, you can see exactly how much amount Mana you have.

After losing your Mana, you can quickly regenerate it by consuming a Mana Potion. These are usually found by opening chests and defeating enemies. But you can also craft a Mana Potion by visiting the Alchemist. Aside from this, you can also invest in Wizarding Skills that boost your Mana.

Armor Piece that increases Mana for Staff Charges in Enshrouded
Alchemist’s Ring increases your Mana by +6. Image Credits to Jade PG

One of the best ways of increasing Mana is by equipping Armor Sets with suitable bonuses. You can find several armor sets at the Alchemist that provide Mana boost in Enshrouded.

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With that, I would like to conclude this guide about Staff Charges in Enshrouded. For more such content, feel free to browse through our dedicated section for Enshrouded Guides on Gamer Tweak.