How To Wait & Pass Time In Enshrouded

You might want to skip the nighttime entirely and explore Embervale during the day early on in Enshrouded. Learn how to wait and pass time to help you with that in the game.

Exploring the realm of Embervale and surviving the dangers that lurk around the corners and in the Shroud can be difficult, especially if you are venturing out during the nighttime. While the survival RPG has both day and nighttime cycles which adds to the immersive gameplay, you might want to hold off on your adventures during some hours of the day. And for players looking to wait and pass time in Enshrouded, you should start building up your base.

This can be deemed useful since it gives you the chance to be well-rested and add some additional comfort buffs in the game. And while you won’t be able to skip the time in Enshrouded entirely, it’s better to explore during the day to avoid some of the fell creatures, bosses, etc in different biomes. So if you are looking to pass the time and venture out in the wild specifically in the daytime, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Pass Time in Enshrouded

Pass Time Night Time By Sleeping
Pass Night Time By Sleeping (Image Source: 04AM on YouTube)

As mentioned above, you won’t be able to skip time in the game entirely. However, since you won’t exactly need to skip the daytime because you will be out there exploring, it’s the nighttime that you will need to be wary of early on in the game. You will be able to wait and pass the night time by crafting a bed in Enshrouded.

Crafting Crude Mattress To Sleep In Enshrouded
Crafting Crude Mattress To Sleep (Image Source: 04AM on YouTube)

You will need to first set up a base by placing the Flame Altar and crafting the Workbench subsequently. Once crafted, here are all the materials required to craft your first bed i.e. the Crude Mattress in the game:

  • x4 Plant Fiber
  • x3 String
  • x4 Torn Cloth
Placing The Bed To Rest In Enshrouded
Placing The Bed To Rest (Image Source: 04AM on YouTube)

Players will be able to gather most of these materials by looting settlements and nearby objects in Enshrouded. When you have collected enough resource materials, simply interact with the Workbench and craft yourself the Crude Mattress. After you first craft the mattress, you will unlock further bed upgrades as you progress.

Once the nighttime befalls, you will need to interact with your bed and press E on your keyboard to sleep. This will help you pass time in Enshrouded quickly since it will automatically increase the game’s speed to 60x. You will know when the sun arises when your character switches its sleeping position.

That’s everything covered in this guide. For more interesting guides on the survival RPG, check out our dedicated Enshrouded section, right here on Gamer Tweak.