Where To Find Torn Cloth In Enshrouded – Answered

You will need Torn Cloth while crafting almost anything in Enshrouded. Check out here to know how to get this material.

While playing Enshrouded, you will need several resources for survival and Torn Cloth is one of them. You will need this item from the very beginning of the game. For those who are unaware, Torn Cloth is used as a material for crafting various items like armor or furniture. But the only trouble is that it is not readily available. So, you will have to go out into the darkest corners of Embervale looking for Torn Cloth. However, I don’t think there will be any difficulty if you know exactly where to look for it.

That is why, you will learn exactly where and how to get your hands on a Torn Cloth in Enshrouded here. Also, we will explain what to do with a Torn Cloth once you have obtained it.

Note: This guide is subject to change as Enshrouded is still in Early Access mode. We will update the guide in case there’s any update related to Torn Cloth.

Here’s Where you can Find Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

destroying object to get Torn Cloth in Enshrouded
A destructible object that drops Torn Cloth. Image Credits to WoW Quests

From what I have seen, obtaining a Torn Cloth is not that difficult. You can easily find it in any location on the map. But it’s not that you will find it lying on the ground for you to pick up. Instead, you will have to look for it inside chests and destructible objects.

Aside from this, you can also kill the enemies for a random chance of getting Torn Cloth from them. I mean, you surely do decimate them if they show up, right? So this makes it a perfect way of farming Torn Cloth in Enshrouded.

How to Use Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

Using Torn Cloth to Craft Armor Set in Enshrouded
Torn Cloth is required for crafting the Fur Armor Set. Image Credits to ACG

As I was saying, you will need Torn Cloth to build armor during the early game period. The Fur Armor set is one of the very first Armor that you will be crafting using Torn Cloth in Enshrouded. Eventually, when you progress, you will find out that almost every Armor Set requires this material for crafting.

Besides this, you also need Torn Cloth for crafting Bandages and Torches in the game. Moreover, you also need it for making a Bed to sleep peacefully at your base.

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Now that you know where to find a Torn Cloth, be sure to make the most out of it. For more information like this, feel free to stick around and check out our other Enshrouded Guides on Gamer Tweak.