How To Get Resin In Enshrouded

Wondering where you can find some resin in Enshrouded? This guide should help you get and farm them.

One of the many resources that you need to get in Enshrouded is Resin. Since this is a survival game, you need it to craft various things. However, going about randomly trying to find it can take longer. Resin is one of the important resources especially in the early game as it is required when you want to make certain armor, staves, or other equipment.

Surprisingly Resin has common rarity, so once you know where to look, farming it should become easier. As per its description, this protective juice of the trees has many functions.

How to Get Resin in Enshrouded

How To Get And Use Resin In Enshrouded
This image is from Patrick Steel‘s YouTube video showing how you can get Resin in Enshrouded.

Resin is a resource that you can find quite easily by simply chopping down the trees. The trees that you should be specifically looking for are the ones with yellow or brown leaves. While any tree in the game has a chance of producing Resin, these trees seem to have a higher chance. The ones with the green trees tend to drop more wooden logs. As such you should chop them down if you are in need of more wood rather than Resin.

Another trick that you can do is try cutting bigger trees. Smaller trees tend to not have as many resources due to their size. But when you cut down a bigger tree you not only get more resources, but it also increases the chances of having Resinin larger quantity.

How to Use Resin in Enshrouded – Recipes

As mentioned above, Resin serves different purposes from making armor or staves to making spells. The two best uses for Resin include making Staff and the Fireball spell, here is the recipe for both:

  • Staff
    • Bones x1
    • Resin x2
  • Fireball
    • Bonemeal x2
    • Tar x1
    • Resin x10

Aside from that you can also use it for making the Alchemist Apprentice armor set, or use it for simple stuff like lighting up your surroundings using the Wisps Of Light.

Best Farm Spots for Resin

There is no particular spot where you need to go farming Resin and any forest should do the trick. Your camp area where you start the game is one of the best places to find it as you should have several trees nearby.

Make sure you repair your axe before you go out for exploration, this will help you chop the trees without having to worry about the axe becoming unusable. Finally, if you feel you have gone far enough and you can’t farm anymore, simply log out and log in to the game. The forests should spawn again allowing you to continue farming.

That is all on how you can get Resin in this game. I suggest you also check out our Enshrouded section to get more help on other topics like how to get metal scraps, heal, and get plant fiber.