How To Repair Weapons & Equipment In Enshrouded

Raiding and combat are two important pillars for survival in Enshrouded and you will need the best quality weapons and equipment. Here’s how you can repair weapons or any equipment damaged in battle.

Enshrouded is an open-world survival filled with exciting activities like raiding, crafting, and combat. While it is enjoyed best in multiplayer with friends, those who play solo will also get to experience everything that the game has to offer. It will just be a tad bit difficult and you will need your equipment and weapons in the best conditions. There is the impending possibility of you damaging them in battle.

Fortunately, players have the opportunity to repair weapons and equipment in Enshrouded. While it comes at a cost, that cost would not be ineffective gear during fights that could lead to fatality. Enshrouded is a bit more forgiving than some other survival crafting games, and if you keep repairing your weapons and equipment when their durability gets low, you won’t have to be without your gear.

How to Repair Weapons and Equipment in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Weapons and Equipment can be repaired to increase Durability
Increase Durability of your equipment and weapons by repairing them. (Image via Keen Games)

Players can repair weapons and equipment in Enshrouded whenever they interact with the workbench. Along with that, if you are in the open and manage to find an anvil, they will be repaired automatically. Fortunately, the method is quite simple and the entire process can be done automatically and won’t be time-consuming either.

Unlike many other survival crafting games, you won’t have to hog up resources throughout the world to repair your damaged tools. Once you know how to do that, surfing through the world of Embervale would rather be easier compared to the other. If you see that the durability of your tools is low, make sure you repair them quickly.

That’s all we need from this guide. If you found this guide useful, do check out more Enshrouded guides in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak. For the best multiplayer experience, you can rent dedicated servers internally and enjoy the game.