How To Heal Or Regain Health In Enshrouded

Wondering how to Heal and regain health completely in Enshrouded? Check out here to know.

In Enshrouded, you will eventually find yourself being attacked by undead enemies or ambushed by some creatures. Even if you manage to outmaneuver them, you will surely get some damage from the cursed fog known as the Shroud. Like any other game, this is the point where you will look for a way to heal yourself. Well, there are various methods that you can use to restore your health completely. But for a new player, things may seem a little confusing.

In this guide, we will explain everything that you can do to Heal yourself and Regain Health fully in Enshrouded.

Here’s How to Heal in Enshrouded

Many of you may already know that there is a Healer Class in this game. If you have selected it, you will get skills and abilities that can heal and revive your partners. In case there’s no Healer in your party, you can use the following ways to Heal in Enshrouded:

Eat Food

Food is a Healing Item in Enshrouded
Purple Berries can Increase Health. Image Credits to 04AM

It goes without saying that consuming food items like Berries or Mushrooms will heal you. This is the best early-game method to restore health greatly. Not only just raw fruit or veggies, you can also hunt animals and cook their meat for consumption.

Health Potions

After saving the Alchemist and moving him to your base, you will be able to craft Healing Potions through him. After crafting, you will find the potion in your Backpack from where you will be able to consume it.

Use Bandages

Bandages can Restore Health in Enshrouded
Bandages can also Heal Wounds. Image Credits to 04AM

Aside from Potions, you can craft Bandages and use them to heal yourself in Enshrouded. All you need is 1 Torn Cloth and 1 String. Once you have these resources, head over to a Crafting Table and use them to get a Bandage.

Use Healing Charges

Other than the methods mentioned above, you can also use Staff Charges to heal in Enshrouded. For example, charges like Chain Heal can be used to shoot a projectile that can heal the target. This spell is unlocked once you find Chamomile, a flower in Revelwood for the first time. Once the recipe is unlocked, you can craft it by visiting the Alchemist.

These are all the ways through which you can heal in Enshrouded. For more content like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for Enshrouded Guides on Gamer Tweak.