How To Upgrade Your Backpack In Enshrouded

Upgrading your backpack and increasing your inventory space is important to collect plenty of resources in Enshrouded. Here’s how to upgrade backpack using the extensions.

There are tons of resources to collect and recipes to craft while going through the different areas of Embervale in Enshrouded. And while you will be able to make do with your inventory space with some of the early resources and carry it over to your base, there will be times later on when you will need some extra slots to carry abundant materials.

This is especially true for resources like Hardwood as you will need plenty of them to craft different recipes. However, you will be able to upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded to make sure that you add some more inventory slots and carry even more resources.

That said, it will take some time before you will be able to craft the upgrades. Players will have to rescue a couple of survivors and complete some of their quests to unlock the resources needed to upgrade their backpacks. So if you want to know how to upgrade your inventory to carry around more materials, then here is a guide you should check out further.

How to Upgrade Backpack in Enshrouded

Inventory Space In Enshrouded
Increase Inventory Slots By Completing Hunter’s Quests (Image Source: MrDolphin on YouTube)

To upgrade backpack in Enshrouded, players will need to craft different extensions. These extensions will increase the number of slots, upgrading your inventory and letting you carry more materials in the game. However, as mentioned before, you will need to progress further into the main campaign in order to unlock those upgrades.

You will have to first find and rescue Athalan Skree the Hunter from the Ancient Vault north east from your base. Once you rescue her, you will be able to use the Summoning Staff to place her at your base. After which, you will simply need to complete Hunter’s quests to unlock the upgrades further down the line.

Drying Rack In Enshrouded
Build Drying Rack To Craft Dried Fur Required For Small Backpack (Image Source: MrDolphin on YouTube)

The very first quest that she will hand over to you is the Salt Mine Location where you will need to retrieve salt from the Egerton Mine. Once you retrieve the salt and head back to your base, you will have to craft a Drying Rack to make the Dried Fur required to craft one of the first upgrades for your backpack. The Drying Rack requires around x10 Wood Logs and x6 String.

How To Upgrade Your Backpack In Enshrouded
Upgrade Backpack Using Small Backpack In Enshrouded (Image Source: MrDolphin on YouTube)

After crafting the rack, simply interact with it and use the salt and animal fur to craft Dried Fur in the game. With the Dried Fur at your disposal, you will be able to craft the first extension a small backpack from the Hunter which will upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded. The small backpack will add in 8 inventory more slots to the game. Here are the materials required to craft it:

  • x6 String
  • x5 Dried Fur
  • x6 Bones

Similarly, you will be able to craft medium and large backpacks as you progress further in the Hunter’s quest line. Players will unlock the Hand Spindle required to craft Linen for the backpack upgrades. Here are the materials required for both medium and large backpacks:

  • Medium Backpack – 16 Slots
    • x6 Dried Fur
    • x6 Dried Linen
  • Large Backapack – 24 Slots
    • x5 Leather
    • x1 Linen

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