Where To Find Salt In Enshrouded

Salt in Enshrouded is essential to make Dried Fur and strengthen the flame of the Altar. If you are looking for it everywhere, then here’s how to get it.

Enshrouded consists of tons of resources that players will need to collect for certain crafting recipes. And Salt is one such material that you will need to get your hands on early on in your campaign through Embervale. However, while you might think of using it to season some of your food and cooking recipes, it’s quite the opposite.

Salt in Enshrouded is mostly used to make dried fur on the drying rack required to craft one of the armor sets. That said, it is a useful resource to have in your inventory and which you might get pretty early in the game. Players will be able to mine it during one of the quests handed over to them by the Hunter.

How to Mine Salt in Enshrouded

Salt Mine Location In Enshrouded
Salt Mine Location Quest In Enshrouded (Image Source: The Ginger Empire on YouTube)

To get Salt in Enshrouded, you will have to travel all the way to the Egerton Salt Mines. However, you will have to first find the Hunter to let her assign you the dedicated quest in the game. You will stumble upon her in the Ancient Vault which you can find towards the east of the Springlands Ancient Spire.

Once the hunter is at your base with the Summoning Staff, simply interact with her and you will be assigned the quest “Salt Mine Location” in the game. This will mark the location of the Egertion Salt Mines on your map. Here, you will have to prepare yourself to enter shrouded areas as the mine is entirely covered by it. Along with everything, carry a pickaxe to mine salt in Enshrouded.

You will also encounter some swarms of beetles and skeletons in the game, so you will have to embark on the journey with your best build. Make sure you craft yourself a proper shield and a ranged weapon to deal with them from a distance.

Where To Get Salt In Enshrouded
Mine Salt Deposits With A Pickaxe (Image Source: The Ginger Empire on YouTube)

Once you have equipped everything you need, fast travel to the Springlands Ancient Spire from where you will be able to glide down to the mines. This will help you cover most of the distance towards the mine. That being said, you will have to deal with all the enemies quickly in the game because of the limited time allotted in the shroud.

Once dealt with, simply look for cubed salt deposits on the rock walls which are grayish-white in color. After collecting the resource, you can head back towards the base and the quest will be completed. You will be able to use Salt in Enshrouded to craft Dried Fur and strengthen the flame of the altar.

That’s everything covered in this guide. If you find this guide helpful, be sure to go through our dedicated Enshrouded section, right here on Gamer Tweak.