How To Get Bones In Enshrouded

Here are some of the best methods to get Bones in Enshrouded. You can use it to craft Bonemeal, Staff and Wand, which are some of the most important early-game items.

Crafting various items and structures is one of the key elements of Enshrouded. These builds can help you sustain and survive the difficult challenges you will come across. As a result, you will have to create powerful weapons, gear, and other items in the game, so that you are able to defeat any enemy or hurdle you face throughout Embervale.

Similarly, players should learn how they can get Bones as it is one of the most important early-game resources they can find. This material is used while creating the Staff and the Wand, which are two major items players should own. Additionally, it can also be used while crafting Bonemeal which can further be used while creating numerous potions.

Considering the fact that this simple resource can be used as a key ingredient while crafting so many functional items in the game, here is how you can quickly gather this material and start creating dynamic weapons and early-game items.

How to Farm Bones in Enshrouded

Bones can be used to craft Bonemeal, Staff and Wand in Enshrouded
Bones can be used to craft Bonemeal, Staff and Wand in Enshrouded (Image – Keen Games GmbH)

There are three methods of getting Bones in the game and we will mention how you can use them and collect this resource quickly –

Defeating Animals

The best way to get Bones quickly is by defeating the animals you encounter while exploring the map. You can try and hunt down animals like Wolves and Boars to get this resource. However, it is important to note that these animals will be quick to attack, therefore, make sure you are well-prepared to defeat them.

To avoid this, you can also try taking down less-threatening animals like Rabbits, Rams, and Deer. When you approach them, instead of attacking, they will usually run away from you. You can then use a long-range weapon and kill them.

Additionally, killing animals is the best way to farm Bones because after dying, these animals will not only drop Bones but you will also get raw meat and animal fur.

Attacking Skeletons

Another way of getting this resource is by destroying all the skeletons you will come across. Once they break, after you hit them multiple times, they will drop the resource you are looking for.

Looting Chests

Lastly, you can also find Bones by looting all the chests you encounter. Since you will constantly be exploring the map, in search of various items and materials, you will often come across many unsupervised and random chests. Once you loot them, there is a chance of finding Bones as well as other major resources.

This is everything you need to know if you are looking to quickly farm Bones and use them while crafting various recipes. If you want to learn more about Enshrouded and how you can level up fast, continue reading about how you can upgrade your backpack and which are some of the best skills to get first, here on Gamer Tweak.